Poetry 4

O.K., so this one is totally easy, but I hope you like it!


She solves each mystery with glee.

Has a sinking feeling when they end,

Finding, catching, she will do it soon!

With help from her many friends,

She would solve mysteries to the end!!!

(Who is she?)



Poetry 3

This is a poem from Easy-Peasy All-In-One Homeschool, not my own works or ideas.

I sit all day helping others sit

You get to stand and stretch you legs,

But I am stuck, sitting, sitting, sitting,

And not only that,

I give you a nice soft space to sit on,

And what do I get to sit on?

The hard floor!

Is that fair?

(Who am I?)                                                   You know the drill, comment below!!!



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Poetry 2

I’ll open up, just with some care, 

       Soon you will see my beauty,

                    I am sweet, or smelly,

                             I spread around my cheer,

                                     To you and all my friends, far and near,

                                                      Who am I?

                                  (answer in  the comments below)




I went blog hopping a found this wordpress blog called CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS. You should check it out.  Anyway, the author of the blog, writes mystery poems, where you guess what the poem is about.  it was super cool, so I decided to try it.  Turns out I’m not the best at writing poetry, but I’ll give it a shot, will you give me your thoughts? ( Hey that rhymes!)

I give comfort, through night and day,

   I would not have it any other way,

     With all colors, sizes, and shapes,

         I just cant wait, to be picked by you,

             Though I’ll get worn out, and faded,

                 I know I am loved greatly,

                             WHO AM I?

(comment answers below)



About one of my Favorites: Narnia

Hi again!  I just started a new blog series, ( not book, posts) called About one of my favorites, which is just describing the books in some of my favorites. Anyway, now I am reviewing a wonderful classic, The Chronicles of Narnia!!!!! These boos came out in a weird order, but I have read them chronologically ( is that how you spell it? This thing doesn’t have auto-correct!) Here is the order to read them in

1 The Magician’s Nephew

2 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

3 The Horse and His Boy

4 Prince Caspian

5 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

6 The Silver Chair

7 The Last Battle

The whole series follows eight people total, ranging from 2-4 people each book, but the most known characters are probably Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.  They star in books 2 and 4.  In my favorite, and probably most known-book of the series, #2, The children discover the magical, marvelous Narnia, where they go on an adventure to try and rescue Narnia from the wicked white witch, who has enslaved Narnia, and put it under a spell for eternal winter, and to become the kings and queens of Narnia. But they cant do it without the help of the great lion, Aslan, who is the son of the emperor over the sea, and the creator of Narnia.  After book 4, ( spoiler alert) Peter and Susan are told that they will not return to Narnia.  In book 5, Edmund and Lucy are transported into Narnia, along with their nuisance of a cousin, Usetes, wherethey go on The Dawn Treader with an older Prince Caspian to rescue the 12 lords his uncle sent away in an attempt to take the throne.  Sadly (spoiler alert) Lucy and Edmund are then also told that they may not return. In The Silver Chair, Usetes and his new school friend, Jill, step into Narnia to escape the school bullies, but they can not escape the adventure that is yet to come! In this attention grabbing book, the two are given signs by the mighty lion Aslan, and are told to rescue the lost Prince Rillion. After teaming up with Puddleglum the mashwiggle they embark on an amazing and unforgettable adventure. In book 1, Narnia is created by the lion, Aslan. Polly and Diggery, two friends, are given magic rings by their perhaps mad uncle. These rings transport them to the wood of pools, where they can jump into a new world. After jumping into a pool that takes them to the dying world of Chan, they accidentally come out, but not alone. They have brought the evil queen, Jadis, from Chan! After taking her in and out of our world,  they plunge into a pool, and end up in, well in nowhere.  Then Aslan comes and, well, sings Narnia into being. This book is amazing, as the others are. I would tell you about #7, but I want you to read it!

One more thing, I think it is amazing how these books connect to the Bible.  here are some of the ways that they connect.

Aslan is acting as Jesus, dying for the children, the rising to life again.

The four children like the 12 disciples, one betrays them.

The world spoken into existence, Narnia sung into being.

There are even more similarities, read the books to find them!

BYE! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂