Diary Entry 2

Dear Diary,

Today I was invited to Mrs. Oakley’s house, during her meeting with the realtor and buyer.  She introduced me to them.  Mark Truman was a tall, skinny man with short, neat, dark brown hair, but the realtor, Anthony Lane, was the opposite! He was short, heavy set, and had messy hair.  Neither of them seemed to want me to join the meeting, although Mrs. Oakley had not mentioned my reason for being there. I had stressed the fact that telling them I was a detective would NOT be good if we were spying.  Anyway, I sat by the two men at a long, wooden table. They discussed business matters that were perfectly normal, and I started second- guessing my suspicions.  Maybe Mrs. Oakley was just a bit stressed about moving.  But when the men left, I glanced out the window and saw them talking to each-other! Maybe my suspicions aren’t so far fetched as I thought.





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