Diary Entry 4

Dear Diary,for the

Tomorrow, I am going to Emerson.  But today I got a lot of clues. I asked Mrs. Oakley for her realtor’s card.  When she gave me the card, I looked at the address and decided that was my next destination.  I drove in my convertible to the address, but when I came there, it said that the business had moved. I walked over and asked a nearby person if he knew where the business had moved too.  He told me it was now in the mall, so I drove to the River Heights Mall, and inquired where the business was.  They told me thay had never heard of it! I walked around anyway, but did not see anything that would help.  After calling and reporting to Mrs. Oakley, who was astounded at the news, I drove home for dinner and to pack.

Wonderingly, (again?)




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