Chapter 1: Traitor

It was a lazy summer day in Georgia, and Isabel Larkin was sitting on the steps of her favorite library.  She was reading her favorite book, Emma, by Jane Austen. She had just finished the 5th chapter when her friend, Lilly Mason, walked around the bend with Alissa Benson, Margie Struth, and Chrissie Marvin, the most popular girls in school.  Isabel thought this was weird, since Alissa, Margie, and Chrissie usually ignored Lilly and her.  The only time they were talked to by the three girls was to be scolded or bullied.  To Isabel’s greater surprise, Lilly was laughing with the three girls.  All the people were wealthy in this town, so no one could be less popular because of money.  But the three most popular girls in school were Alissa, Margie, and Chrissie, because they always seemed to be in the know, and have the most fashionable clothes in Brookwood Middleschool.  As the four girls passed, Isabel gave Lilly a questioning look, but Lilly just ignored her. “Hi,” said all four girls in unison. “Hello, Alissa, Margie, Chrissie, and Lily,” I answered. “She doesn’t go by Lilly anymore,” they said, again in unison,”It’s Lillian,”  Isabel blinked. Lilly, now Lillian, had told her that she hated the name Lillian.(No offense to you with that name!!!)  Now she was getting in trouble because she didntt know. “We are off to the movies,” they said, as if taunting her. “And don’t follow, just read your dum book, I mean really, who still reads these days? It is so old fashioned,” Margie said, and a chorus of “Ya’s”  followed.  “Like your clothes, are those from the middle ages?” The girls laughed and walked on.  Isabel couldn’t believe it. Her so-called friend had turned her back on her! Lillian had laughed at her, Isabel, her best friend. Well, her was best friend.

End of Chapter 1



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