Nancy’s Diary

Dear Diary,

We went on a triple date today!  It was so fun, and I almost forgot the mystery! Almost.  We went to a place called Ramsey’s Diner, and it was really fancy! Then we went to a really big mall, right off campus.  We bought some things, and then I saw someone take my picture!  I quickly told Ned, and we raced after the suspect.  Ned is a superb runner, and caught up to the man in an instant.  I soon followed, with the others close behind. The man struggled to get away, but just when he was about to, Burt and Dave gripped him, and their combined force held him down.  He denied everything!  I noticed a bag that was slung around his shoulder, and grabbed it away.  He yelled at me, saying that I had to give it back, but I had already gotten a camera out of the tote.  I turned it on, and looked at the pictures.  They were of me!  The man knew his game was up.  He kept screaming though, and soon a police guard walked over.  “What’s the racket,” he said, annoyed.  He must have been taking a lunch break, which we had interrupted.  We told him all abou t it, and he saw the pictures.  He told us he we take the man in, and we watched as the man who had taken my picture was carried away.  We spent the rest of the day shopping, eating, and having fun.  No day seems to go by without excitement!





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