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Chapter 3

Isabel woke up in her huge bed, and sighed.  She wasn’t a singer. And her best friend would never betray her. Ever.  She looked sleepily at the clock. Plenty of time, it was only 8:30.  8:30? Isabel stared at her clock.  She had overslept.  Isabel had never overslept, never! She ran downstairs, and shoved a muffin in her mouth. She ran upstairs, threw on a t-shirt and skirt and ran back downstairs.  She grabbed her backpack, comb, and lunch from the counter, then ran outside to catch the bus.  Isabel waited.  And waited.  Suddenly, she smacked her head.  Her clock was an hour fast.  Isabel was aabout to walk inside for a more filling breakfast when the bus pulled up.

“I have been waiting for an hour!” Isabel exclaimed as she slid into the seat next to her best friend.  She could tell that the morning hadn’t started out right, and by the look on everyone’s faces, neither had their morning.  She also could tell that today she was going to get a test.  She would ace it, get teased for being a nerd, then she would move on to another class.  It was the usual. Nobody had been nice to her lately, especially the mean girls.  Isabel looked at her best friend who was staring down at her phone.

“Are you ever going to get off that thing,” Isabel said, and Lilly jumped.

“Wh-why are you yelling? I just got this two weeks ago, and I am getting stuff set up,” Lilly said grumpily.

Isabel leaned over and peered at her friend’s phone.

“Why are you group texting Alissa, Margie, and Chrissie?” Isabel asked.

“Just ’cause, none of your business,” Lilly said, and turned away.

Isabel was surprised.  Was her dream coming true?

Amy: Horse Girl At Heart! Chapter 1!

Hello-de-do guys and gals!

Okay, so forget the weird greeting! Guess what! I am writing a sequel! Remember my book, Ellie: Horse Girl At Heart? If you don’t, you can read it on this post! Okay, so the book ends with a 16 year old Ellie, right? Right (Duh, I wrote the book so I should know)! Anywho, it will soon be published! That’s right! Honest to goodness published! As in: Online, in stores! Okay, so know that the excited rush is over, wait- YAY YAY YAY! Okay, now that it is really over, I will tell you the good news! THERE IS A SEQUEL IN THE WORKS!!! I remember learning that my favorite series, Tuesdays at the Castle, was coming out with another book in one week! Yay! Anyway, that is what is happening! So, here is chapter one of Amy: Horse Girl At Heart!

Amy: Horse Girl at Heart

Rachel Vincent

“I don’t want that horse, daddy. I want the black one, over there,” Amy Right, a fifteen year old girl, pleaded, as she pointed at Darkest Secrets, a retired racehorse.  Amy loved choosing horses that already had names. She could never seem to settle on a good one. She had already told her father how she would call the horse “Secrets” for short. Amy’s father didn’t like the horse though, since it was retired.

“We need a horse that can make us money, Amy,” He said, “This old one can’t do anything but take up space and time,” he added as he looked at the price on Darkest Secret’s stall.  “Besides, this horse is a lot of money,” he told Amy, who looked down.

“But daddy, can’t I just have this horse? If we are taking over a new stable, we should have some horses, and I want my own,” Amy asked her father hopefully.

Amy’s father looked down at her, and then he pulled out his wallet.

“I guess my girl does need her own horse,” he said with a smile, “And maybe this horse will win something in the Spectrum Fall’s competitions, like in the appearance category,” he said as he looked doubtfully at the horse he was buying.  He bargained with the seller, an old man with gray hair and an old, rumpled shirt.  When Amy’s father turned back around, he frowned and looked at Amy.

“I am so sorry honey, but we have to go,” he said.

“But did you get Darkest Secrets?” Amy asked quizzically.

“Sorry honey, this horse is going to be auctioned off, and the auction isn’t for another two hours, and we need to get back to Wishing Well stables,” he said, naming the new stables he had bought.

Then he got a call and pulled his phone from his pocket.

“I got to take this, Amy. You go ride home with Marie,” he said quickly, then answered his phone.

Amy looked pleadingly at her father, who shook his head, and then began to talk to the other person on the line.  Amy didn’t want to go home with the maid.  As much as she loved the pretty, French girl, Marie, she had to get her horse.

Amy ducked as her father stepped into his truck.  She was hiding underneath an old watering trough.  She had decided to stay for the auction.  She would find a way to pay for Secrets.  Amy crouched beneath the trough until she saw her friend, Alissa, the blonde haired beauty of Horseshoe Creek Middle-school.  For the record, Alissa was a pretty good friend.  Except when she forgot Amy’s birthday, said no to a sleepover for a beauty pageant, and when Alissa had spread a few rumors about Amy.  Okay, so maybe Alissa wasn’t the greatest friend.

“Alissa,” Amy called out to her friend.

“Amy? Oh, hey,” Alissa called, and then walked on.

Amy sighed, and then crawled out of her hiding place.  She ran to catch up with Alissa.

“Hello,” she said, as she fell into step with her friend.

Amy thought she detected a sigh, but wasn’t sure.

“What are you doing here?” Amy asked.

“Dad has to get a horse, again,” Alissa said, annoyed.

“I thought you liked horses, Alissa,”

“Not when they are all Dad talks and cares about.  But I guess you don’t know, you haven’t gotten into the horse business yet, Amy,”

“Well, we just signed the papers, and they gave us the deed to the house, so we are actually in the horse business,” Amy replied.

“I guess, Alissa answered, “Well, I got to go see my dad, bye Amy,”

Amy watched as Alissa skipped off. Alissa could be unpredictable.  Amy lit up as she heard someone say over the loudspeaker that the auctions were starting.  She went and sat down in an empty chair.  She slumped as one horse after another was called up, and brought down.  Her horse wasn’t anywhere.  Amy started to feel tears in her eyes as the auctioneer started to walk down the steps.  Then the auctioneer stopped.  Someone was talking to him.  Ellie stared in amazement as Darkest Secrets was led onto the stage.

“We have one last horse, a retired racehorse, named, uh,” the auctioneer paused as he looked blankly at his cards.

Amy wanted to scream, “His name is Darkest Secrets, and he is my horse,”

But she couldn’t. She stayed quiet, and a murmur rose up.

“Darkest Secrets, an Akhal-Teke, with a fine coat!” he announced, “We will start the bidding at $200,000,” he said, and many signs went up, including Amy’s. The bidding rose and signs went up and down.  Amy’s never left its place, high up, above people’s heads.  Soon, only two signs were up, and Amy’s was one of them.  Amy looked to see who else wanted her horse, which would soon really be hers.  Amy gasped as she recognized the buyer.  It was Alissa’s father.

Did you like it? I hope you did! Stay tuned for the rest!

Another “Did You Know”

Did you know…

That this color can be spelled “grey’ or “gray”

That crocodiles can only swim straight

There is a  poisonous plant that leaves the victim with a smile on their face on the time of their death

There is an island which is only inhabited by swimming pigs

If you eat lots of carrots you will start turning orange

There is an orchid that looks like a monkey’s face


There was a chicken that lived for 18 months-after it’s head was chopped off

In 2012 Pizza Hut put out a perfume that smells like a box of fresh pizza

The New Zealand Prime Minister went to a doctor to make sure he was actually human, and not a shape-shifting lizard

Valerie Lukyanova is known as “The Living Barbie Doll” because of her likeness to the toy

A woman “married” the Eiffel Tower

People can be rejected from the police force if they are too intelligent

There is an Indian who can put snakes in his mouth (including cobras) and pass them out through his nose

A broken clock is right twice a day

If you yell for 8 years, 7 months, and 6 days you would have created enough sound energy to heat 1 cup of coffee

A donkey will sink in quicksand but a mule won’t

The tallest snowman was 122 ft. and 1in.

99% of people can not lick there elbow-99% not 100%

Mathematical proof that 1+1+2 took 162 pages to explain in “Principia Mathematica”

The average office worker usually spends 50 minutes looking for lost files and other items

I found a lot of these on Fun Factz ! Check the site for other weird/cool facts!




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Nancy’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Today there was little progress. We did find a shoe that had the initials A.L. on them near the fake real-estate building.  Maybe Anthony is using it for something other than a realty office.  Bess and George and I drove the shoe to the police, and they found Anthony’s fingerprint.  They might be able to trace him, but I doubt it, since the shoe is such little evidence.