About One of My Favorites: A Little Princess


I am finally writing this one, I forgot to write about some of my favorites!  So, let’s get to it!
A Little Princess is a book that follows Sara Crewe, the daughter of the great Captain Crewe.  She is left at Mrs. Minchin’s select seminary for girls.  Her father knows that India air is not good for a young child, so he leaves seven year old Sara at Mrs. Minchin’s stern boarding school. Sara is very rich, with her own room, tea parties, elaborate dresses, and the ever-admired talent of making-up stories.  Every girl, young and old, at the school, even the snooty Lavinia and her friend Jessie.  Mrs. Minchin secretly dislikes Sara, after an episode of embarrassment in the schoolroom.  Yet Sara is extremely rich, so she is Mrs. Minchin’s “show off child”.  Mrs. Minchin loves to boast about Sara’s excellent French, great riches, and her popularity.  Sara leads a happy life, telling stories, and sharing a few sweets with the scullery maid, young Becky.  And when an exciting letter comes from her father, telling of the possible diamond mines that he has invested in, Sara and everyone else in the school are excited.  It is on Sara’s eleventh birthday that she receives terrible news.  Her father has died, and the diamond mines are fake.  Sara’s life changes in an instant.  Her pretty clothes taken, her room is gone, and is replaced with an attic.  Sara had no money, it had all been invested in the diamond mines.  Sara tries to make light of her situation.  She is forced to go on errands for the other servants, and sleep in an uncomfortable bed in a cold attic.  She is always overwhelmed with exhaustion, yet is forced to wake up early, and usually go to bed hungry and late.  Sara is still kind though, and it pays off when she is magically blessed with new clothes, pretty pictures, a fire, and food, all of which she shares with her servant friend, Becky.  She is finally looking better, when a cold night has Sara bring in her neighbor’s monkey.  Her neighbor is from India, and Sara has made friends with his manservant, or Lascar, Ram Dass.  The neighbor has suffered from brain fever, and the monkey is his skittish pet.  When Sara takes the monkey in through her window, she does not know that this was the end of her time at Mrs. Minchin’s select seminary for girls.  The next morning, Sara goes to return the monkey to her Indian neighbor.  His servant, Ram Dass, is happy, and asks the child her name.  When she tells him, the owner of the house gets excited.  He tells his friend, te father of “the large family”, one of Sara’s many story families, although this one is quite real.  It turns out that the Indian man is Sara’s father’s friends, the one who had found the diamond mines.  It also turns out that there are diamond minds, and Sara is now a rich girl.  After confronting Mrs. Minchin, asking Becky to stay at the Indian man’s house, Sara is at last happy.

I hope you enjoyed this review!  If it is confusing, just read the book! I would say this book is good for ages 8-12, and is a fun read!





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