Chapter 2

Isabel Larkin smiled as her adoring crowd attempted to jump up on the stage.  Whenever she sang, everything was left behind.  And the best thing was, she was good at singing, really good.  She high-fived the people that were close enough, and then ran backstage.  “The crowd-huh-is-huh-great-huh,” Isabel said through gulps of air.  “Well it is time to wrap it up, one more song,” said Isabel’s producer, Kevin.  Isabel did a quick wardrobe change and ran out onto the stage again.  She loved singing.  Also, she was only eleven, and she was making Taylor Swift fight for her money.  Isabel was famous, and she liked it like that.  None of her friends (if they could even be called that) were famous like her.  Isabel wasn’t rude about it though.  “It isn’t my fault they weren’t born as talented as me,” she would say.  Isabel finished her song, then ran into her trailer before the crowd caught her.

When Isabel finally reached her large mansion, she was exhausted.  Her parents had already gone to bed, and she decided that would be a good decision for her, too.  Isabel was used to late nights, but she always loved to sleep in.  Tonight, she tossed and turned, wondering what would happen at school tomorrow, with the whole “situation”.  Isabel finally dropped off to sleep, dreaming of what might happen.  She had no idea.

“You had a great concert yesterday,” said Melody, one of Isabel’s classmates.  “Yeah, you were on T.V., again,” said Ava, who rarely complemented people.  Lilly or Lillian, stayed off to the side, and Isabel knew she was avoiding her.  She really didn’t blame Lillian, things had gone crazy.  Just then, one of Lillian’s “friends” walked up.  She was chewing gum, really loudly.  “I guess you were alright, but you missed the best party ever,”  she said rudely.  “Whenever you come to a party, its party no more,” Isabel said under her breath.  It was true, whenever any of the mean girls came to a party, they took over.  Isabel sat down and started to pull her school books out.  Her teacher stepped up, “Class, today we are going to do an experiment, and you will need partners.  The list is posted on the bulletin board,” said Isabel’s teacher.  Isabel walked over and looked for her name.  She looked in shock at who her partner was.  Lilly.



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