Young Authors Contest!



As you can tell from the name, this is a contest! The contest will be fun, I am SO excited!

So, you’re probably wondering what/who the contest is for! Well, it is for young authors! Do you think you can write?  Writing a book can be fun, I’ve done it! So, to enter, just fill out the form below, and write a short story! Post it on your blog, a new blog, anything! I cant wait to see! I know writing takes a while, so the contest will be from May 15 to June 5th.  I will tell you who the winner is on June 6th!  Enter soon! If the form doesn’t work, just comment!



16 thoughts on “Young Authors Contest!

  1. Hey Nancydrew! Here is my entry for the young authors contest. It is a chapter from my book. Hope you like it!

    That night we ate hamburgers and hotdogs with milk and potatoes. Dad got out our pots, and pans, and he cooked them right up! Since we were all tired from the first day’s unpacking and driving we all went to our tents (or ground) early. We all said our prayers and went to bed.
    I slept soundly until 12:00 (If you’re wondering why I know the time it’s because I brought a watch) I heard a noise. Footsteps it sounded like. Then suddenly I heard a “CRACK!” Someone or something had just stepped on a twig. I could see April and Jamie stirring in their tent and Elizabeth rolled over quietly and gave me ‘the nod’. That’s the signal to send Jamie and April an email on our wrist watches.
    We sent them the email and a few minutes later got a respond saying “Get out your camera. Take pics. Be careful. We will make sure the coast is clear. Pray!” The message meant I was to take a picture of something, and do it all while lying in bed. April and Jamie will be on the lookout through a hole in their tent. I prayed that whatever it was in the woods, that it wasn’t a bear. I’m terrified of bears! But, I remembered the verse Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be dismayed, for the Lord you God will be with you wherever you go.”
    I quickly got out my wristwatch and handed it to Elizabeth since she was closest to where the sound was coming from. We waited for what seemed like hours, but it had only been five minutes. Finally, out of the corner of her eye she saw a person. We were so anxious to try to define the person as a man or a woman; but, the moon, at just the right moment, (not in a helpful way), decided to go behind the few gray clouds in the sky, making it impossible for us to distinguish his or her facial features. Even without the moon light we were still able to distinguish something, whoever it was, was trying to steal our food supply!
    The person steadily reached into our two big burlap bags of food, and looked around cautiously. Apparently after 5 whole minutes, he realized that two campers, Elizabeth and I, were lying on the ground very close to where he was. His or her facial expression wasn’t visible in the dark, but, the way he or she jerked when it looked our way, I could tell the person was surprised.
    A few minutes later the figure slowly and carefully slipped back into the eerie forest, bathed in moonlight. Then my phone buzzed. “The person has a stick he might hit you. Be careful.” Then Elizabeth told me to duck down under the covers and hide. I did just that, but I feared for my sister. I tried to remember Psalm 56:3. “What time I am afraid I will trust in thee, what time I am afraid I will trust in thee” I kept murmuring. Then Elizabeth held my camera up to take a picture and suddenly the figure came out of the forest and hit Elizabeth with his stick!
    All I remember after that was taking my wrist watch from my unconscious sister and snapping a picture before he ran off. I quickly woke mom up and she told me to go wake up dad. I did and he helped mom pick up Elizabeth and set her in the tent. Mom gave her some smelling salts that she kept in her purse for emergencies. Danny, Thomas, April and Jamie had heard the ruckus and quickly came over to mom and dad’s tent, where Elizabeth was laying. The smelling salts revived Elizabeth, and the first thing she said was “Ow my head”. Logical thing to say since she had a bump on her head the size of a golf ball.
    All of us gasped with joy! “Elizabeth is going to be okay!”, mom exclaimed quietly for she didn’t want to wake up Justin and Ellie. “Could someone go get Elizabeth some ice for her head?” asked Dad. But, before anyone else could volunteer Danny jumped up and ran to get some ice. Before he gave Dad the ice he said that he would stay with Elizabeth so that they could get some sleep. They eagerly agreed to this, and my parents told us that we should go get some sleep, that Elizabeth would be fine. After we left, Danny gently put the ice on her golf ball sized bump. Then he leaned her head against his shoulder.
    Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all; I mean he got up at two o-clock in the morning to help Elizabeth while everyone else went back to sleep! He volunteered to stay up with her all night, and graciously let my parents go back to sleep. He even wants to go into ministry when he graduates! But, I still think fifteen is too young to be thinking about Holy Matrimony!
    We didn’t have a flashlight at the time so Jamie and I had to blindly search for our tent. My parents found their tent easily, but Jamie, April and I had trouble. We almost tripped over a rock, and we ran into a tree. Thankfully, Thomas brought out his pocket knife and turned on his flashlight. We all held hands and we safely made it back to our tent.

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