The Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy Drew stars in her first mystery yet, The Secret of the Old Clock!

After rescuing young Judy Turner, Nancy is involved in an amazing mystery! Judy Turner, a young girl is saved from drowning by Nancy, who brings the child to her home. The child’s old aunts are the only ones to look after Judy.  The two aunts dream of giving Judy a proper education.  Sadly, they do not have the money to fulfill this dream.  They are also surprised when they find out that some men, who claimed to be buyers, have stolen some expensive objects!  Nancy goes in pursuit of the thieves van, but is only successful in going to a highway where the tracks end.  Nancy reports her find to the police, then returns home.  She hears that the Thompsons, a wealthy family, is going to inherit a large amount of money from Josiah Crowley’s (a dead relative) will. Nancy soon finds out that Josiah had many relatives, who have all been promised money from Josiah, the Turners included.  She is sure there is another will, hidden in the clock with a moon.  How Nancy Drew courageously outwits the thieves, and helps all the families, is a story that will surely capture the attention of readers.


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