I am annoyed. Verrrryyyy annoyed. Why? Because of CBS. CBS said that they were making a Nancy Drew TV show! YAY! But I read that “Drew is being axed for being “too female”. Puuullleeesssee!!!!! It was going to star Sara Shahai, as Nancy Drew. User pepita said:

“Does cancelling a show that is ‘to female’ mean we can also cancel 90% of TV cause ‘too male’ or nah”

I don’t know who this pepita is, but I agree with her.

Valerie Ann: “Nancy Drew is ‘too female’ just like the sky is ‘too blue’ and oxygen is ‘too breathable’. Get it together @CBS #toofemale

Sophie Solano: “if nancy drew is ‘too female’, I guess I’m too female to watch any of your shows. have fun losing 50% of your viewers @CBS #toofemale”

I cant believe it. Goodbye good dreams!

Right now, I feel like “axing” CBS










4 thoughts on “WHHHAAAATTTT!!!

  1. Women create men, how are they not better? I mean seriously, women are just as good as if not better than men. Sorry, but CBS can shut up. I think that’s sexist and I also think that it’s wrong.

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  2. I agree. I mean sure, men can be great, and have better qualities then girls, but it can also be vice versa. Of course, wives should respect their husbands, but a husband need to be nice to their wife. CBS is being dum, everyone said that they were being sexist. What do they think Supergirl is? a lot of people like that show, and oh wait, it about a GIRL! CBS is being stupid.



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