Chapter 3

Isabel woke up in her huge bed, and sighed.  She wasn’t a singer. And her best friend would never betray her. Ever.  She looked sleepily at the clock. Plenty of time, it was only 8:30.  8:30? Isabel stared at her clock.  She had overslept.  Isabel had never overslept, never! She ran downstairs, and shoved a muffin in her mouth. She ran upstairs, threw on a t-shirt and skirt and ran back downstairs.  She grabbed her backpack, comb, and lunch from the counter, then ran outside to catch the bus.  Isabel waited.  And waited.  Suddenly, she smacked her head.  Her clock was an hour fast.  Isabel was aabout to walk inside for a more filling breakfast when the bus pulled up.

“I have been waiting for an hour!” Isabel exclaimed as she slid into the seat next to her best friend.  She could tell that the morning hadn’t started out right, and by the look on everyone’s faces, neither had their morning.  She also could tell that today she was going to get a test.  She would ace it, get teased for being a nerd, then she would move on to another class.  It was the usual. Nobody had been nice to her lately, especially the mean girls.  Isabel looked at her best friend who was staring down at her phone.

“Are you ever going to get off that thing,” Isabel said, and Lilly jumped.

“Wh-why are you yelling? I just got this two weeks ago, and I am getting stuff set up,” Lilly said grumpily.

Isabel leaned over and peered at her friend’s phone.

“Why are you group texting Alissa, Margie, and Chrissie?” Isabel asked.

“Just ’cause, none of your business,” Lilly said, and turned away.

Isabel was surprised.  Was her dream coming true?


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