Jessica Day George!


Remember that (kind of) old post, About one of my favorites: Tuesdays at the Castle, it was my 7th, and now I have over fifty! Well, Jessica Day George, the author of that great series, has more! Her website had lots of stuff, like posts, her books, and more! I even emailed her! When I get a reply, I will post! Anyway, she had this GREAT series, the Twelve Dancing Princesses series. The name is somewhat misleading. The triology is about 12 sisters, under a curse to dance with the King Under Stone’s sons, every night.  It wasn’t there fault. Queen Maude, their mother, mad a bargain with the King Under Stone, an unhuman man, who was exiled to a place between worlds. Every night the sisters must go through the silver woods, sprouted by their mother’s brooch. Every night they sail across a lake, with water that scorches skin. Every Night they then dance with the 12 creepy sons of the King Under Stone. Every night they ruin their dancing slippers.  And this al happens right after an expensive war. The sisters cant tell anyone, as soon as they begin to speak about the curse, their voice dies away.  Finally, their father, King Gregor, asks for help from the princes of neighboring kingdoms. After every prince fails, then mysteriously dies, Galen tries his luck. Will he free the 12 sisters? And if he does, will he win the prize? The prize of marrying one of the princesses?  Find out in the 1st book, with Rose, the main sister, and Galen, the soldier back from the war!

Each books stars a different sister, and different man: Rose, Galen. Poppy, Prince Christian. Petunia, Oliver.

I bet you will love the series. BUT: Be careful! Book 3 has some language which is not suitable for children. I couldn’t stop myself, since I didn’t know, when I started. These books are for young adults, not kids. Thanks!



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