Finding Dory


How are you? So, although Finding Dory is not a book, it is a great and long waited for movie!

Dory, a blue tang, suffers from short-term memory loss. As a little fish she got lost, and forgets where her home is.  She swims around, trying to find someone to take her in or tell her where her parents are. When she runs into Marlin, a clown fish, and volunteers to help him find his only son, she also runs into adventure. Finding Nemo (the name of the 1st movie) is a task which helps Dory find a home with Marlin and his son. After awhile though, she remembers something: her parents! Dory remembers little tidbits, and soon is on another adventure to find her parents. Dory is a lovable fish, and even her forgetfulness turns out to help. In this heartwarming tale, Dory finds new friends, and some old memories.


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