Young Authors Contest-News!


My first post, Young Authors Contest!, about this contest, only had one entry. So… I am making an giving some more time to you! The contest was scheduled to end on June 5th, but because only Cupcakegirl10 entered (and might I add, it was really good!) I need to extend it! So, please comment you entry along, with your blog address! Or you can make a post and give me a link! The new deadline is July 4th!


  • The story must be completely original, unless you say: this is a retelling of —-
  • The story must have good grammar
  • No bad words or language
  • The story must be entered BEFORE 11:59 P.M. or it will NOT be accepted

Thanks! Please spread the word!


13 thoughts on “Young Authors Contest-News!

  1. Ooh! On your pictures, you have the one of the mama horse and baby, and that looks just like one of our baby horses!!! 😀 Nice pictures! 😛 😀



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