I am re-extending Young Authors Contest-News! Now it ends on August 1st! Kaylatot says she is entering, and Cupcakegirl10 has a great entry! Enter soon! Thanks!



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      • Hey! Here’s my chapter for the contest! I added the title to just in case.😉💚

        Journey Through Sixth Grade

        “Mom, hurry up I’ll be late for school!” Joy exclaimed. “I’m so excited for my first day of sixth grade; it’s going to be awesome.”
        Joy’s full name is Joy Elizabeth Johnson. She has long jet black hair, and has dashing sapphire blue eyes. She loves to play softball, and is on the Shining Stars level six gymnastics team. She’s twelve years old, and has a bright character.
        Mom and Joy ran to the car and started off for RMS (Ridgecrest Middle School). As they drove, Joy started to wonder if middle school was as amazing as she thought. Would it be just as boring as elementary school? Would her old friends still like her? Her mind raced with these thoughts.
        Soon, they arrived. She saw her old best friend Hope with a couple of other kids talking. She ran up to her and said “Hope, remember me?” “Who in the state of California are you?” questioned Hope. “Don’t you remember me? We made matching charm bracelets together in fourth grade.” Joy held up her bracelet for her to see. “Uh, nope. Never made that ugly thing before,” Hope rudely said. Joy got teary eyed, and walked up the school’s stairs as the bell rang. She never in her life thought that her best friend would forget her. Joy felt miserable.

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