Kait’s AG Crafts contest!

Start a story with the words “the end”

That was the challenge. Here is my entry:

The End. Those were the words I heard every night. My brother always was the one to say them. That was before he left for college. He died before I ever heard those words again.  They all said it was from a car crash, but I’m not so sure.

I am Angelina, but everyone calls me Anne. My brother was named Andrew, and his picture hangs in the hall. Mother never talks about him, and neither does my father. That’s what makes me so suspicious.  We live in a German town, right among the ones who have ruined my life: the Nazi. Now I walk to school afraid to talk to anyone.

“Angelina, should we be doing this?” My friend, Lizzy asked.

“What else should we do? If mother isn’t letting us move why not?,” I answered. Lizzy was my best and only friend. Both our mothers lived in our German town, and we went to the same school. Now we were spying-on Nazi soldiers. We were both suspicious about my brothers death. Was he really killed in a car crash?

“We have to find out how my brother was killed,” I whispered, and Lizzy quieted down.

And I was happy she did, because at that moment we heard a voice, speaking German. I translated for Lizzy, who, unlike me, didn’t know any German.

“We must keep it a secret, this town not good for out plans, people are too nosy,” A tall soldier said.

“The general commanded for us to tell him!” Said another stocky soldier.

“If he finds we took someone-,” the tall man began.

“He won’t, as long as you keep a secret,” the stocky man said as their voices faded away.

I was baffled. Who had they taken? And why would they want to keep it a secret? Lizzy nudged me, and I was brought out of my thoughts.

“We better get going,” she said, and I nodded.

“We learned a lot,” I said as we walked towards home.

“But what to make of it? I don’t understand what the secret is,” Lizzy said.

“So that’s what we’re going to find out,” I said, sounding much more confidant then I felt.



4 thoughts on “Kait’s AG Crafts contest!

  1. That prompt was from my first writing challenge, wasn’t it???? XD Is that your entry? For round one or two? Did you use any of the round two prompts? If you didn’t, you can’t earn more than 3 points (sorry, I’m grading you guys tough in this contest)



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