Rutvi: Writing contest…Again!!!

Hey! My entry…again. Sorry for almost 0 details!

Prompt: Eyeglasses Forever

Team: Gazelle

How had I forgotten? I had worn eyeglasses forever-ever since I had remembered. I would automatically reach for them each morning.

As I banged into a wall I once again chided myself for forgetting. How had I forgotten? I had put them right on the kitchen counter for cleaning. And forgotten to put them back on.

“Where are your glasses, Libbie?” A voice, which I could tell only by its high pitch that it was my BFF, Emily.

“I forgot them,” I replied, finding a chair and slumping down into it.

“Ha, very funny,”

“No, really, Emily, I forgot them when I set them out for cleaning,”

“Oh,” Emily said, sobering.

“I would be very grateful if you could tell the teacher,” I said, trying to find out where she was, so I could ‘look’ at her. Because all I was seeing was fuzz.

“Sure, Libbie,” Emily said, and I heard her walk away.

Then I saw stars. Then a tiny face. A fairy, with golden hair, and delicate wings, bursting with color.

“Come, chosen one,” said the fairy, her voice bell-like.

“Chosen? What do you mean, chosen?”

“You have been chosen by the most high one.  Now come, we have a journey,” she said.

I did. And then saw I wasn’t in the hallway. I was somewhere completely different. I was in a tree.  It was bursting with life. I spotted the fairy I had spoken to, and went up to her. I was strangely the same size as her.

“No time for questions, right now,” the fairy said, which made my mouth close.  “Come, we must go, and I will tell you of your journey.







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