70th POST!!! (and more)

Dear Readers,

This is my 70th post! YYYYYAAAAAYYYYYY! Thanks for your support!

And more: I finally figured out how to change Uncategorized (ugh) on my blog! Do you want to do that? Here’s how:
DIY Uncategorized Change:

  1. Go to dashboard (by searching sitename.wordpress.com/admin)
  2. Put your mouse (or finger if you’re on mobile) on Posts then choose Categories
  3. Put your mouse (or finger) over the Uncategorized category and choose edit
  4. Make a new name for this category
  5. SAVE CHANGES (You must do this or it won’t work!)
  6. Enjoy your Uncategorized category free blog!

Little Update

I want to apologize to all my followers! I haven’t been paying attention to this blog, or its (awesome) new followers (and old ones, too!). I’ve been trying to go around looking at all my followers blog’s, but it can be hard since you have so many posts! I just have been busy (publishing my book, switching schools (😓) Which, yes, means I am not doing Easy-Peasy!  ðŸ˜²ðŸ˜”😓😖😞😢😧😨:-[:-(:O=-O Which makes me sad. I will try to be more attentive to my blog now. And again, sorry about not paying attention to WordPress’s awesome users! Hope you will forgive me!

Very Sincerely,

Rachel V.


Dear Awesome Readers,

Guess what! I’m a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! My book, Ellie Horse Girl At Heart, is on Amazon! I would be so honored if you bought it! Thanks for all your support!



New Followers


Hello all! Especially to my new followers! Thanks so much!!!

I’ve been really busy! I just finished the final edit on my book, Ellie Horse Girl At Heart! I cant wait to publish it! I’ll tell you when its ready!

And I finally got back on the Nancy Drew train!


Nancy Drew