AG hair story

Hey! Here’s a quick story post!

Caroline and the Horrible, Terrible, and BAD Hair Day

Caroline had just gotten back from an invigorating run.

“Wow, that was fun!” She said, and then jogged into her room. 

     A shout came from the room, because Caroline had just looked in the mirror. No, it’s not because she’s ugly she was very pretty, actually. No. She saw her hair!

“NOOO!!!” She shouted.

She went on the computer, but NOTHING helped. She couldn’t risk putting soap or shampoo in her hair!

She finally made an appointment with the hairstylist, Bailey.

“Oh no,” said Bailey, hearing of Caroline’s predicament. “Come tomorrow at 3:30, it’s the only time I am not booked,”

     So the waiting began…

Finally, the next day came, and Caroline got in the car. She wore a rain hat, even though it was sunny. She couldn’t be seen with her hair like this.

     When she got there, Bailey invited her into a private room. She told Caroline to take off her hat.

“Oh no!” Bailey shreiked.

“I can’t help you. I’ve tried my hardest,” said Bailey after some strenuous, yet vain, work.

     Caroline couldn’t go away to the doll hospital. That would ONLY be if she couldn’t do anything else.

  “Okay, thanks. Bye,” she waved, put

 Her hat back on, and left sadly.

She COULD keep her hair this way. but, scrolling though the pictures of beautiful other Caroline’s, she knew she had to do something.


But wait!! Do YOU know how to fix her hair? Could you help Caroline? Tell me in the comments!

Here are some more pictures!




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