Hi, people!

As you may know, (if you looked at my updated about page) I am a rambler. 

     So here are just things…Yeah, otherwise known as:

  • Junk
  • Stuff
  • Hallubaloo
  • Space-takers
  • Words
  • Matter
  • Things I want to put right here…Just cause!

OK! Here we go!


  “Who’d you vote for?”

  “Cookie Monster,”

  “Good choice, you can’t really understand what he’s saying, but I guess that’s the same with all the candidates,”


Keep Calm and Be Awesome Like Me



I like to write…Just cause. My spelling may not be right all the time, but I love it. It’s me on paper.

Quotes I think are cheesy:

Be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.


Be yourself 

You can be anything 

Those just don’t make sense if you put em next to eachpther! What if you want to be Bob? That’s being something, but not yourself! (I’ve been waiting to get that out)

And just nothingness…Cause I can.and I’m using the swipe type thing!

Hrhkshvjndishdjd endure review eject _++_ends she’s$hrs



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