Ideas- $10.99


     Okay, I’ll cut straight to the chase: I have writer’s block.

Definition of writer: a person who has written a particular text. (noun)

Writer: A person who has written a particular text.

Block:  An obstacle to the normal progress or function of something

Or as I define it:

Writer: somebody who writes something 

Block: an obstacle 

So pretty much: I have no idea what to write (or, as suggested by Google, wear 😛) 

Google Image Result:

Idea: a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action 

My definition: something you think of

I hate writer’s block, I never knew it felt like this! It every idea for a book is a bad one! I hate it! I really do! Writer’s block is the worst thing…Oh, I can’t even think of anything to put. Let’s just say that it’s a lot worse then sliced bread.

Not dreaming cause my brain broke,



3 thoughts on “Ideas- $10.99

  1. I get writers block all the time! When I don’t know what to write, I read a few good books, or watch an interesting movie. And usually ideas start running through my head. And if that don’t work, google a time period of history. Like the Ancient Egyptians, Medieval, WW1 and WW2, Civil War etc. And read about them. Hope this helps! ❤


  2. I have an idea… but I’m afraid I cannot tell my entire secret, although it is about twins. May you could write a book about a girl who has problems that you can relate to. She isn’t just like you, but you can definitely understand it. Maybe you have a rather good background experience to situation/situations she is in. Not just the same, but maybe somewhat related to where you see yourself in the future, obstacles you may face, etc. Ask people what they are most interested in maybe. IDK.

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