No,  I didn’t forget the space between good and books in the title. I mean: goodbye books. (I see the title isn’t that great…Now) here: 

     She clutched the book to her chest, heart pounding, fingers white with concentration. Running, she heard footsteps behind her. She couldn’t let the book be taken, she needed it. 

“No,” she cried, the book flying from her hands as the person behind her barreled into her. She fell to the ground, reaching for the book. She got up, looking for her captor. Then she realized she was in her room, the AC blasting, her face covered in sweat. It hadn’t been real. She pulled the book from her bedside table, and flipped it open to finish.

       Okay, so the moral of the story was I kinda sorta keeping your books close. 

      So, umm, *akward silence* I guess I’m kind sorta breaking that rule thingy (forgive the made up words). I’m selling books. Uhhh, hehehe *scratches back of neck, thinking* yeah.

       I’m selling them…Cause…I don’t have a lot of money, spender that I am.

       So, if anyone knows of any book selling sites that they have used/might use or just random ones, please give me a link!

Kinda Dreaming (I don’t remember if I did)

Rachel V.


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