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So a LONG time ago I made a contest. I called it the Young Author’s Contest. Then I totally forgot about it. Sorry, all who entered! Now:

The 2017 Young Author’s Contest!

Yes, all the old entries will be transferred! The contest will end… February 1st! Please enter!

Also: I found that a lot of comments didn’t come through, they had to be approved by me…And I wasn’t aware of them. Sorry!

And I already have 31 followers!!! Thank you!

My Apologies,

 Rachel V.


13 thoughts on “Young Author’s Contest

  1. You are lucky, this is a post I am writing but I have not posted it yet. This is the first chapter in The Lady Of The Wolves:

    Delphi looked up at the foreboding castle gates, her heart sinking. Around her, guards marched in an orderly fashion. They were her “honor guard.” In other words, they were there to keep her from escaping. She could see her wolves prowling along in the shadows, watching her, wanting to be with her. They would attack at her command. But she had to wait. The guards were expecting an attack. They knew that her wolves were watching, even if they couldn’t see them. No, she would have to wait until the guards were comfortable. She was Delphi, the Lady of Wolves. For years, there had been stories about her and her predecessors. They came in the form of fairy tales. The Snow Queen was her most popular name, though she had little to do with snow. The castle gates opened, and a figure cloaked in black came out. Damen, her twin brother, swept out into the night, looking over her with his thin, pale face. “So, the mighty Delphi finally brought to bay.” He laughed, then signaled for the guards to bring her inside.

    When Delphi was inside she saw that everything was lit with large lamps of wolf skins, and Damen’s throne which glowed with a dark light. Before Delphi knew it she was in front of her brother’s throne, with a sword to her back and a blindfold put on she was led away from it. Taken into a room where no light showed through the blindfold, it was so dark not even an owl could see. But apparently, the guards could, they could see everything if it were dark -probably power that Delphi’s brother gave them-. All the clinging of the guard’s armor suddenly stopped, the blindfold was removed and she could see nothing. For a few moments, she had no idea what was going on, but then it all made sets. When Delphi and Damen were young they were best friends, one day when the last Lady of the Wolves became old, she gave the power to Delphi. Many times after that she saw her twin doing strange things, the kind of things the last Lady of wolves had warned her about. After that, they grew farther and farther apart. Until one day when Delphi’s twin had found a stone that could transport the power of the wolfs. He was jealous, so jealous that when the wolfs attacked him while trying to transport the power from Delphi to him, he ran away and was only seldom seen lurking in the woods at night, seeing if Delphi had moved in with the wolves, seeing if he could get revenge.

    Now with Delphi literally at her knees, looked into her twin’s evil eyes. For just a few moments, Delphi saw the old Damen in his eyes, the good Damen. “Now,” said Delphi’s twin, in a deep, dark, voice, “leave us, soldiers, so that I may speak to my sister alone.” So the soldiers left, and for many hours they said nothing to each other -err, it felt like hours, it was probably only 20 or 30 minutes, though. Damen had been thinking he was annoying her, which he liked. But what Delphi was really doing was controlling the wolves on the other side of the castle, telling them to kill the soldiers and to be quite about it. When they had done so the wolves silently crept into the room which the twins were in, Delphi didn’t want to put her friends, the wolves, in danger. So she made sure to only get the black and gray wolves to come to blend in with the dark colors in the rooms. When all the wolves were in the room, positioned to pin down Damen, Delphi’s head went up to look at her brother, standing there thinking, and looking at her. “Damen,” said Delphi, in her most normal voice she could without laughing at his silliness, “you have made mistakes in your time, turning against me was the worst, failing at defeating me is second.” “What do you mean?” he said with a chuckle, “It is you who is defeated” and at that moment Delphi fell to the ground because of Damen using his mind to tighten of the ropes that were tied around her. The wolves attacked, but failed at even scratching Damen, because without Delphi the wolves were just, well, wild.

    When Delphi woke up she was in a prison room. But not any old prison room, Damen was smart so he put her in a special one, one which you could not use magic. Delphi’s hands were cuffed behind her back and around her waist was a 2 or 3-inch high metal ring. The room was cool and very dry, except the floor, you’d think someone spilled a jug of water and never went back to clean it up. Though, that is actually what happened Delphi didn’t know that. Delphi walked forward but was stopped by the metal ring wrapped around her waist, it was connected to the wall with white chains. Whenever Delphi thought about a certain wolf or a certain breed of wolves, radome things around her would turn that color. Delphi sat for a moment on a small square block of concrete that was left in the room, she would have sat on her wooden bed but that was where her little plate of food was. Delphi thought of her wolves some more, then stood up and wanted to scratch her head but it was very difficult to reach. – To readers: Don’t scratch your head, just don’t do it. Is this all confusing? Yes. But our characters will be offended if you scratch your head, Delphi will think you are making fun of her. But just don’t do it. Don’t scratch your head.-

    Finally, Delphi gave us trying to scratch herself and went as close to the wall connected to her waist as possible, then she ran forward as fast as she could but about a half second later she fell and was on her knees. “Delphi,” said a voice, “on her knees, for me? Without being forced to? Huh.” Delphi looked up when she fell she scratched her forehead on the pavement floor and it was bleeding. She saw Damen standing there in front of her, mocking her he said “Ohhh, ouch! That must really hurt. Would you like a bandage? Oh, wait, no bandages for the prisoners! Ha!” Delphi rolled her eyes and stood up, her forehead healed just a few seconds later. “Humph.” they both groaned at the same time. The prison bars started turning a deep black, and right before Delphi asked what happened to her wolves Damen said “The wolves have been set free. Oh, my, Delphi! I’m not savage! I never even wanted to hurt you! But sometin=mes things don’t go the way as planned. I need to tire you so I may take your wolf powers. I will be the King of the Wolves and take over all of Nernigermia with it.” He did an evil smile and quickly moved his hand up in front of his head. Delphi was electrified, it was like touching a monolmoki, which would be like sticking your hair into an outlet. Delphi was only shocked for a second but still fell back onto her bed, then water splashed up in her face and she felt very, very drowsy, so she just fell asleep right there. She couldn’t stop herself, I mean, she used 2/10 of her power when she was controlling the wolves -earlier in this chapter- and she used another 3/10 of her power up when she was knocked out the first time. She used up 1/10 of her power to heal her forehead, then she was down to 4/10 of her power. The electrifying probably took up the rest of her energy. Imagine it like this: You have not got that good of a nights sleep, now you are asked to come to the track to run some laps to catch up with being sick the day before. Now you are forced to stay up all night to study for a grammar test, work on a science project, and write an essay about cells. The next day you forget that you have a race to run. You run the race and run around your school giving the teachers your assignments. Now you realize that you scheduled a study with your friend in algebra, because you are really good at it, and it is at night, and your friend has a test the next day in algebra so you can’t get out of it. That night after the study you can’t fall asleep because of a rock band parade outside passing through your street, and your crazy neighbor is throwing an all night loud party. That is how tired Delphi was. P.S. You fall asleep in school the next day and go to detention. Have fun in detention!

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