A Question and Answer?


     So, thanks to Tessa Megan, I decided to have a question and answer (aka q&a) 

     What you need to do:

Ask questions! 

Put your questions down in the comments and I’ll put them in my post on… Saturday (yeah…Same day as Tessa πŸ˜›) with answers!

Awaiting your reply (okay, well, questions),



4 thoughts on “A Question and Answer?

  1. Aw yes!! I LOVE Q & A’s!!!
    Alright *clears throat Get a pen Rachel this might take a while.
    You are in the zombie apocolypse who do you pick as your side kick: Sherlock, Gandalf, Hearthstone, or Bruce Banner? What fandoms are you in? Answer if you know it: I like your shoelaces. There are three doors 1, 2, and 3 they all determine your future, pick a door? If you could meet any one ONE FOLLOWER or blogger in real life: Who would it be? If you were to join the milatary pick one Air force, Marines, or Army? You have 48 hours (2 days) left to live what do you do? Make up three random characters in your head describe them. Who is your role model (can’t be a friend or family member)? If you could carry around one book character in your pocket who would it be? Pick a weapon: strength, sword, gun, magic, pocket knife, shield, or axe? When is your birthday (Month/Day)? What is your favorite band? Who would you take a bullet for? Which blogger/follower would you pick as a sidekick? Do you have a Instagram (Can I have it if so?)? Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or water? How old are you? Draw a picture of a cat and show us. Who is your favorite wizard? If you were to switch religions for a day which one would you pick? Out of your followers/bloggers make your survival team like this: Leader: Kiki, Muscle: Grace, Weapons : Tyeth, Medic: Samantha, First one to die: Such and such. Three wishes from a Genie what do you wish for? Describe yourself in nine words. Name your followers from memory. What’s your favorite quote? Where do you want to travel? What are you wearing right now? Let’s say you’re at a resteraunt what do you order? What are two things we don’t know about you? What hair color do you have? What are your thoughts on 2016? What’s your favorite song? …… That’s it


  2. When writing books, do you use your real name or do you use a pen name?



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