This Is My 101st Post

Hello, amazing people,

     I’ve been getting SO many achievements/awards (nominations) lately! I am so thankful for it all!

     I just received a notification from WordPress, telling me that I have posted 100 posts! I am so excited to get this acheivement, I feel it was just last week that I was told I made 70 posts! 

     I just can’t believe how far this little corner of the internet of mine has gone! I have seen other blogs (that’ve only been here for around a year) with over 100 followers. I don’t care. For a Nancy Drew blog, this is great!
     I just want to thank everyone for their support, and for reading my posts and commenting/’liking’ them! 

     If I had to describe myself when I’m blogging with an emoji, I’d choose this one:


Happy and loved

    I love receiving encouraging comments like ‘You deserve it’s and ‘I enjoy reading your blog so very much’. They make me so happy!

     Again, thank you all!

Always Smiling,

Rachel V. 


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