Sent By Mistake (Part One)


I’ve gotten the call from American Girl Doll!!! Caroline was sent home at 4:00 PM!!! Here’s a little photo story (in Penny’s point of view) to quench your thirst! (O was going to make a cool cover, but the.flies when your having…fun? 

     I walked through the room, happy with my choice. Then… I would never forget this turning point…I ran into my roommate, Maisy.

  “What’s to smile about?” Maisy grumbled.

  “Nothing,” I said, absentmindedly. I was too busy thinking of what Rachel’s face would look like.

  “You are always hiding something,” Maisy said searchingly.

  “Maisy, you’re just paranoid,” I said, ducking my head, expecting Maisy’s uncomfortable temper to take over. But there was no punch. No hit. No connection at all. No, Maisy did something I never expected. She sat down and cried.

“Maisy?” I cried in surprise.  “What’s wrong?” I sat down beside her and pulled her into a loving hug.

  “It’s just-just,” she began through her tears.  “Oh, Penny, I don’t want to leave!” She said this with such force, such feeling, that I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.  But I was still curious, “Leave? What do you mean?” I ask, a look of confusion playing across my face.

  “Don’t you know?” She asked, now also confused.  “Didn’t Rachel tell you?”

  “Umm, no?” I asked.

  “Oh,” she said.

  “What is it?” I pressed.

  “Okay,” she took a deep breath and continued. “So, you know that job that Rachel’s dad wanted, in Tennessee?”

  “Yeah, sure,” I replied.

  “Well, he got it,” she said, and looked mournfully into my blue eyes.

  “So,” I said, not seeing what was so bad.

  “Don’t you see? We’re moving,” she finished, exasperated.

  “What?!?” I cried, and then leaped up.

She jumped up, too.”Crazy, right?” She asked, and I nodded.

     I would have to leave my friends. I would have to leave my home. I would have to leave everything. Then it dawned upon me. Something much, much worse
     That night, as I lay in bed I thought.

     I had remembered that I had had to put a return address…And that address was here. I realized that Caroline would come home to an empty house…Or one with some strange, unknown family.

     I imagined Rachel’s face when she found this out. It wasn’t pretty. It was horrible. I cried my self to sleep.

  I woke from a restless sleep to the sound of soft, padding slippers, coming down the hall.


  “Penny,” my other roommate, Robin, called.

  “What?” I asked, wiping the sleep from my eyes. 

  “Wake up !” She shouted, as she came into my room.

   “But it’s Saturday,” I said sleepily.

  “But it’s Saturday !” She mimicked loudly, this time in my ear.

  “Hey!” I shouted, too. It could not be Monday. Right? No, I glanced at my calendar, confirming the day. Then why were we being woken up?

  “Remember, were moving ?” Robin said. Being the mother of the family, she was already getting ready.

  “In a few weeks,” I pushed her away from my dresser, where she had been trying to open my stuffed droor.

      The sun was shining through the window, and I pulled the covers over my eyes. I scooted back down into my warm, cozy bed.

  “Get up, Penny,” Robin, annoyed, pulled the covers off my bed, putting them in the laundry room.

I finally scooted up, looking at Robin’s determined face.

  “You slept in your clothes,” Robin said incredously.

  “Yeah, it doesn’t really matter,”  I replied.

  “Just go eat breakfast,” Robin said, and left my room.

     I frowned, remembered last night’s palooza. I sighed. I wondered if Caroline would ever return home.





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