Sent By Mistake Part Two AND The Winner of the Contest!


Guess what…the moment you have all been waiting for…Caroline is back! I’m SUPER excited! So, without further ado: Sent By Mistake



Thanks for the box picture, sorry about the ‘life in the outback’ how’d that get in there?

It was a cold, rainy day. The torrents came down like the sky was crying, thunder booming like a child’s tantrum.

Inside the Customs building at the airport, there was a lady with long blonde hair.

“Miss, I need to know your first name,” the lady, Ally, said

“Caroline Abbot,” a muffled voice with a heavy British accent came from the brown cardboard box with a ‘fragile’ sticker, plastered menacingly on the front.

“Thank you,” the lady said, typing this up on to the computer.  “Place of birth, age?” she asked.

There was a pause, then, “London, and I’m 12…and a half.”

“Thank you…would you like to change your name?” Ally asked.

“Yes, please,” a hand reached out from a tear in the box, taking a paper from Ally’s outstretched hand.

It was handed back, a scrawled signature with a new name on it. Ally took it and motioned for the newly named girl to move on.

She went through all the processes, finally hopping on the plane. She stared out the window, glancing at a house, looking small and otherworldly with its brick chimney protruding into the cloudy sky.

When the plane finally touched the ground, Caroline was ready. She hopped off and went through all the necessary processes. Then she hailed a taxi. and was on her way home.

She rang the doorbell, not sure what to do when there was no reply.

“Hello? Anybody home?” she asked quietly, but there was no reply.

A hawk’s cries from above made the girl jump, and she landed in a puddle of sludge.

“Oh, dear,” cried Caroline in despair.

She tried calling her friends, but it was all in vain. There was nothing she could do.

“Hello? Miss?” an unfamiliar voice came from above, causing Caroline to wake from her slumber.

She hadn’t realized she had fallen asleep, but the sun was already far past the trees, and Caroline couldn’t see who was speaking to her.

  “Wh-wh-who are you?” She asked, her eyes adjusting.

  “My name’s Donna,” said the girl in a motherly voice with a southern accent.

  “I was driving by… This is my new house…And I saw you. I wondered what’s happened to you,” she looked so nice, so calm, Caroline couldn’t help but feel better.

(Sorry bout the setting change…I got cold 😉)

  “Thank you, I just,” then the whole story came out. The trip to the hospital, the trip home. Everything.

  “Well, dear,” said Donna when the story was out. “I know where your family is. Your friend…Perry?”

  “Penny,” Caroline corrected.

  “Yes, Penny, she seemed awfully nervous…Everyone was lookin’ for you. I didn’t know what’s happened. Now I do,” her look told Caroline everything would be okay.

     Donna decided to drive Caroline to her new home in Florida, instead of paying for a plane ticket.

  “THANK YOU,” Caroline cried thankfully upon arrival. “This was much more fun then Uber would’ve been,” she said with a little laugh.

  “Glad I could help,” she said, then drove away.

     Caroline was happy to be home. She promptly rang the doorbell of the strange new house.

  “Hello?” Said a familiar voice.

  “Maisy!” Caroline cried.

     Maisy swept her unto a long hug.

  “CLOSE THE DOOR,” screeched Robin from inside, coming to do it herself.

  “Caroline?” Robin ran outside, all thoughts of the door fleeing her mind.

Penny heard the commotion, and soon all three friends were crowded around their roommate.

  “How’d you get here?” Asked Penny

  “WHERE WERE YOU?” Maisy asked excitedly. 

     There was a flood of questions, comments, hugs, and, although no one would admit to it, tears.

 “I’m so glad you got here…Did American Girl figure out we moved?” Asked Penny, after filling the others in on the details of her surprise-gone-wrong.

  “This really nice girl, Donna,” Caroline began, but was interuppted by Maisy’s excited voice.

  “She’s the girl who bought our house!” 

  “Yeah, well, she drove me here after she found me on the doorstep,” Caroline said, smiling happily at her friends.

  “Did you say thank you?” Asked Robin, and Caroline nodded, happy to here the authoritative, motherly voice again, after so long.

     She went inside, where she was presented with a Get Well Soon card

It was covered with love: Maisy’s loud, yet loving, scribbles, Robin’s neat handwriting, and Penny’s creative touch.

  “Thank you so much, everyone,” Caroline said happily, as the day drew to a close.

  “You’re welcome,” they chorused.

  “Oh,” Caroline added.  “I changed my name to…

Keep scrolling!

And scrolling…

Yeah….It’s gonna be a while

Not too much longer…

Are you excited?










I changed my name,” she said again. “I changed it to Delilah Ruth Vincent,”

Well….Did you like it? I had so many amazing entries, I will definitely put links to all my entrees blogs! And an FYI: everyone had at least one vote on one name! And to be fair I put them in a random name picker!

I will be posting the winner’s prize soon! 

And now…

A Caroline/Doll hospital Review…

Delilah is a beautiful doll. My writer’s soul calls her expression ‘eager to fall in love’. Doesn’t that sound beautiful (shhh, Rachel, keep your thoughts to yourself!) 

Okay…The doll:


Delilah is special cause she’s the only doll with aquamarine eyes. They’re very (contacting writer’s soul 😉) growing green and blue'(adventurous name, huh) .

She has tan feathered eyebrows …About a half inch above the eyes. 

Mouth and Nose

Delilah has pink lemonade lips…Okay pink ‘n’ peach…She has a spreading smile that shoes her two front teeth

Her nose is…’Goldilocks’…Button like. It’s a bit turnt up, and smallish. Adorable.

Face Overall

     Her face is adorable and extremely photogenic…She has the classic face mold 💖💖💖


 Her hair is gorgeous.

It’s actually shinier and more golden then the picture shows. It has pretty finger curls, they frame her face nicely!

I give it a 3.9/5 because it’s beautiful, but is said to be unmangeable.


Okay…Her body is pretty normal. Her skin tone…It’s like…A faded tan.

She has a realistic hand, with palm indents


Okay, on to the doll hospital!

The American Girl Doll hospital

The hospital is in Wisconsin, USA. It took about two-thirds weeks for Delilah to get there and get back, much quicker than I thought it’d be! 

She comes in a box (underneath a standard cardboard one) that is white with a band-aid

It’s perfect for a doll bed!

When you take the doll out…Ish…

They are securely tyed around the neck with an elastic and around both feet with smallish rubber bands.

The doll comes with: a purple and pink get well card, a removable doll hospital bracelet (originally on the doll) and a certificate of good health, signed by the Doctor-in-Charge American Girl Doll Hospital…Not computer generated!

The hospital gown(‘s fabric, not paper like I thought) is pink and white with flowers, butterflies, and band-aids

It has American Girl Doll Hospital up in the right corner

It fits just like a real one, too!

The socks.

Are adorable! They are white with ‘hand drawn’ pink hearts

Adorable (or should I say adollable) feet!!!


Overall I had a great experience with American Girl! I love my new(ish) doll so much, and it didn’t take (the suggested) four weeks to be processed! She was in, out, and home in no time! Thank you again all my entrees for giving me suggestions and then voting for an awesome name! 




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