Free Choice Friday


     For my first Free Choice Friday I decided to write a storyI haven‘t named it yet…

     Riley Farling had a good life. She lived with her aunt and uncle, as well as their son, Christopher. They were all nice enough, not like in Riley’s favorite book Harry Potter . 

     There had been no trace of a father, and her mother had passed away at Riley’s birth. But Riley didn’t miss them…How can you miss someone whom you never knew?

     She lived on 342 Marxington road, in the country, where the sun rises early and leaves late. The farm where they were was large, an estate, Aunt Darla would tell her.

     Her Uncle Rick spent his time in the fields, and Riley’s only friend was Christopher, who didn’t much care for books, but instead for trucks and planes. Riley understood.

      “Christopher, will you please play with me?” Riley would ask.

  “Naw,” he would answer, looking disdainfully at her dolls and teacups.

     That was why Riley was sitting under the willow tree, her favorite place of refuge. Nobody would look for her here. 

     There were great puddles around her, for the sun never reached this place and it rained often. Riley sat there, alone in the world she had once thought so highly of. 

     She came out only when the moon did, she found it calming.

  “Oh, why did my father have to leave?” She asked in despair. This was a ritual…Crying and wondering. There was no comfort, though. There were no answers, either.

     But this night was different. 

     As the wolves howled, the moon shone down on her like a radiant smile. She felt comforted for once. She felt…Love.  Not her aunt’s love, which was surreal. Fake. Not her uncles love, for he seemed to have a grudge against her. Not Christopher’s love, for there was no room for her in his small heart.

  “Riley,” a voice called out, but it was not her Uncle Rick’s. Nor her Aunt Darla’s, not even Christopher would be out playing at this time.

  “Hello?” She called out, looking to see who was speaking.

  “Riley,” the voice said again, this time accompanied by a long shadow. But the shadow was bright and shining, not dark and dull. Riley looked around…She then noticed her shadow was shining, too. It was bright, and Riley went to cover her eyes.

  “Stop,” the voice, which now seemed vaguely familiar, called out in such an icy tone that her arm froze, halfway up. 

  “Who are you?” Riley asked bravely.

  “Your father’s servant,” the voice answered solemnly.  “He wants to take you back.”

     The sun was rising now, and the shadow began to grow dim. She noticed her own going back to its normal state. She willed the sun to rise faster, maybe scaring the…Shadow…Away.   And somehow, it did. The sun shot up into the sky, blinding Riley. Then the shadow was gone, and everyone came rushing out of the house.

  “Riley,” her uncle roared.  “What have you done?” His face was intense, and he stared at her angrily.

  “I…I don’t know,” Riley trembled under Uncle Rick’s authoritive gaze. 

      She saw him look over at her aunt and  whisper a few, quiet words. Aunt Darla went pale. Her face was as white as the moon, ashen white. She fainted.

  “Upstairs, in the attic,” Uncle Rick barked, his voice cold as he held his limp wife.

     Riley ran, seeming to be transported to the cold, dark room in a moment. Riley was surprised to see her shadow, bright once again, reaching out behind her. The day was already halfway spent. Riley wished it was over…Then it was.

That’s the end of part one, stay tuned for part two, soon!




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