Top Five Tuesday (2)


     *Cool intro music* Welcome to the second round of: Top Five Tuesday ! *Cheers, roses, applesauce (wait, applesauce? I thought applause…No!!!)

*Commercial break : are you fat and ugly? Just be ugly by coming to exercise with us!*

   *After cleaning up from that excursion*  Today’s top five is: *music screeches* ummm, what is the topic? Commercial ? No? Umm… oh, I have it ! *Music resumes*

Top Five Blog Topics !

Alrighty, here we gooo!

  1. Books…I’m kind of biased there๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Doll…Most “fanbase” is made of doll bloggers, and I love reading their blogs!
  3. Craft/art blogs…I love DIYs I can actually do myself !
  4. Personal… Although it depends on who’s writing, I like (most) personal blogs! I enjoy farm personal blogs a lot, too !
  5. Faith and Religion

I hope you enjoyed today’s TFT!


(Kiki, I’m on that prize, today or tomorrow)


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