Top Five Tuesdays


Rachel here! First, an apology for the not-so-great posts, lately.

Anyway, I’m going to give you my top five…restaurant! Yummy 🙂 !

  1. Olive Garden
  2. Isaacs
  3. Red Robin (duh!)
  4. Chili’s
  5. Friendly’s

We just went to Olive Garden, it was so good! Those breadsticks!



theCramm Award!



I copied and pasted that and somehow there are TWO pictures…I copied and pasted only one!

Anywho, a big thanks to Rainbow Girl for nominating me. This award was created by  Liv from theCramm. Alrighty, let’s do this!


  • Include that tidbit about who created this awesome award (With link) √
  • Mention the person who nominated you √
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog √
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog √
  • Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world √
  • Answer your challenge question √
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a fun ‘challenge question’ √

Three Things That Motivate Me To Blog!

  1. The supporting followers! They are so nice to me, and leave encouraging comments!
  2. The fun of it all! It’s so fun to write posts!
  3. Reading other people’s stuff! You guys write awesome stuff!

    Three People That Motivate Me To Blog!

  4. My friends!
  5. My followers (again)
  6. UUUUHHHHH….My cat….don’t ask 😉

Something I Hope Will Improve In The World


Nominees Challenge Question (RG question):

In three days, the internet will stop working. Permanently. No one can fix it. What do you do in those three days?

Blog, blog, and blog!!!!

So, My Nominees and Question!
No way, 10+

Kaykay, fine!

Kyla Wallace






Maddy (DWOD)



Volcana Shard


YOU HAVE TO WEAR THE SAME CLOTHES FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Give us a picture of what you’d wear!

That’s it for now!






Authors Press 2.0


I finally finished Authors Press 2.0! It actually goes by Authors Press, though. Oh, wait. You guys don’t know what I’m talking about!

A bit o’ background: I decided to re-create Authors Press. Yet, now it’s now about publishing. It’s about publicity. I have people apply to become authors on the site, and, if they get admitted, they’ll be added as an author on Authors Press! They’ll get to write on the site! I’m super excited!

So, you may be thinking (wooaaahhhh) this name sounds familiar! Yup, I used to have a blog about getting published…before I was published. Yeah…failed with that. I deleted it, of course. I can’t find the post, though, hmmm.

Anywho, maybe you’ll become an author! Well, bye for now! Just kidding! Here’s the link: Authors Press (


Top Five Tuesday…On Wednesday


So sorry about missing yesterday’s post! I’ve been super busy, I’m studying for a test! Yet, I will still give you…my top five movies!

  1. The Lion King
  2. Princess Bride
  3. Ella Enchanted
  4. Enchanted
  5. Monsters Inc.

Those movies are awesome, and so fun! I’m planning a sleepover to watch all of them!

Well, see ya!

BIBPC Entry #5; Category: Night


This is my 5th entry for Megan’s Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest (BIBPC)

The category, as said above, is Night!




The story: I had no idea what to do! I had no “night” pictures, and I couldn’t get any good moon pictures. So, I drew a scribbly picture and had one, bright star. It looked kind of cool!

Okay, done!



The Dawn Dagger Challenge!!!


I’ve been nominated by Volcana Shard for the Dawn Dagger Challenge! Thanks, Miss Shard 😉 ! Onto the rules!

Every good game has rules-Chris Grabenstein, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library


(1) You have to answer all the questions as truthfully as possible.
(2) You have to ask your followers ten questions.
(3) Tag 1 to 10 people.

Okay, Volcana’s questions:

  • What is your favorite color/number?  Explain why in a story form if you like to write.

Ok, my favorite color is blue (this exact one!) and my favorite number is 623. I actually don’t know why…it just sounds right!

  • When did you start your blog/website?  What did you think you would do with it mostly at first?

A bit over a year ago. When I started Nancy Drew, it was for all things Nancy Drew, as well as other bookish things. Now it’s more of a personal blog about 49.9% books.

  • Do you like the TV series Transfomers Prime/Robots in Disguise? Why do you like it?  What is something you would change if you could?

No, I’m not really into Transformers 😉

  • Is there a book/cartoon/movie that you have been obsessed with for at least 2 months before?  What was/is it and why did/do you like it?

Hmmmmm….book: I’m reading the Betsy-Tacy books, so those right now. Cartoon: Uhhh, I really like Amazon’s original series! Movie: I don’t know–I really want to see Avatar!

Now, my questions!

  1. Are you a fashion fanatic?
  2. What’s your favorite Olympic sport? Why?
  3. Do you re-read books? How many times?
  4. Are you crafty? What’s the coolest thing you’ve made?
  5. Are you into photography?
  6. Do you have a goal for how many books you read? If so, what is it?
  7. Think of a character and describe her/him.
  8. What’s your favorite animal?
  9. Which is better: Curly hair or straight?
  10. Have you ever held a weapon…used one?

Alright, I nominate the first five commenters!

That was fun, thanks Volcana Shard!