That Long Awaited Q&A


I am finally going to answer those questions I was asked!

Alright! Volcana Shard’s questions!

Is there a reason/person that encouraged you start/to start writing/doing something you love?

Well, my grandmother always encouraged me to write, and I’ve always loved doing it! ❤ ❤

And Abby’s questions (so many!) :

You are in the zombie apocolypse who do you pick as your side kick: Sherlock, Gandalf, Hearthstone, or Bruce Banner?

Oooh, Sherlock as in Sherlock Holmes? If so, than him!

What fandoms are you in?

A certain basketball player ❤ ❤ I’m not really a fangirl!

Answer if you know it: I like your shoelaces.

I don’t know it…

There are three doors 1, 2, and 3 they all determine your future, pick a door?

door two!

If you could meet any one ONE FOLLOWER or blogger in real life: Who would it be?

Ummm, probably Kyla Wallace or Cupcakegirl10 because they are encouraging, and also early followers!

If you were to join the milatary pick one Air force, Marines, or Army?


You have 48 hours (2 days) left to live what do you do?

Eat all the chocolate and icecream in the world! ❤ ❤ Yummy!

Make up three random characters in your head describe them.

Oooh, fun!

  1. Luna Eversteen-She’s a young spy who wears all black leather, has black hair with blue tips, is tall, and is really smart and athletic!
  2. Amy Carson-A sweet babysitter who is small in height but big in smarts. She”s super fashionable!
  3. Justin Anderson-A basketball player kid who just moved. Kind of cute!

Who is your role model (can’t be a friend or family member)?

Hmmm, I don’t have one…

If you could carry around one book character in your pocket who would it be?

Tiny Sherlock Holmes!

Pick a weapon: strength, sword, gun, magic, pocket knife, shield, or axe?


When is your birthday (Month/Day)?

A bit too personal, sorry!

What is your favorite band?

I really like Bastille!

Who would you take a bullet for?

My family and BFF, probably!

Which blogger/follower would you pick as a sidekick?

Uuuh, Cupcakegirl10 is so fun!

Do you have a Instagram (Can I have it if so?)?

Nope, I’m not into Social Media 😉

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or water?

Hot chocolate!

How old are you?

A bit too personal, sorry!

Draw a picture of a cat and show us.

I’ll get on it! Next post, probably!

Who is your favorite wizard?

I don’t know a lot…Gandalf!

If you were to switch religions for a day which one would you pick?

None! I’m Christian through and through!

Out of your followers/bloggers make your survival team like this: Leader: Kiki, Muscle: Grace, Weapons : Tyeth, Medic: Samantha, First one to die: Such and such.

That’s hard…lemme think about it!

Three wishes from a Genie what do you wish for?

Well, I wish you’d ask me the island one. Oh, well! Okay: endless money (end world hunger in the bag!) Alright: being able to read a ND book, watch a movie, listen to an audiobook, eat grilled cheese and icecream all at the same time! Lastly: have a super cute puppy and kitty and horse!

Describe yourself in nine words.

Alright: I am a creative, funny person who loves animals!

Name your followers from memory.

I just hit 50!!!! Nooo!!!!

Cupcakegirl10; Kaylatot; Faith H; Abby; Megan; Madison; Kiki; Mary Louise; Audria; Rainbow Girl; Volcana Shard; Tessa Megan; Lucky; Izzy; Britt; HerandHem; Aqsa; thetimelock; MissNikkiSays; kaitlynrh1; Camie; Teacup Talk; Leyla

That’s a lot! Pretty good! I have a bad memory 😉

What’s your favorite quote?

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein

I also like this thing I found online: I hope where all the hairties went they’re happy 😉
Where do you want to travel?

Uhhh…I want to go to Egypt!

What are you wearing right now?

A white t-shirt (I lost my green army vest, I gotta find that!) and green camo pants! Oh, yeah socks and those other things 😉

Let’s say you’re at a resteraunt what do you order?

Grilled Cheese and Chocolate milk. I order it every time! #meandthekidsmenu

What are two things we don’t know about you?

I find hairties everywhere; I still sleep with stuffed animals 😉

What hair color do you have?

A bit personal…princess hair!

What are your thoughts on 2016?

It was a different year…

What’s your favorite song?

It varies…right now I’m loving The Greatest (Sia) and Rockabye (people I don’t remember!

That’s it!




8 thoughts on “That Long Awaited Q&A

  1. For the Zombie apocalypse question I would have picked Gandalf, what can sherlock homes do if you are attacked my zombies? Put his magnifying glass up to the sun and home to set the zombies on fire? I would have picked Gandalf, not jsut because he is from my favorite movie and e defeted a giant ‘on fire’ bull.

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