The Dawn Dagger Challenge!!!


I’ve been nominated by Volcana Shard for the Dawn Dagger Challenge! Thanks, Miss Shard 😉 ! Onto the rules!

Every good game has rules-Chris Grabenstein, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library


(1) You have to answer all the questions as truthfully as possible.
(2) You have to ask your followers ten questions.
(3) Tag 1 to 10 people.

Okay, Volcana’s questions:

  • What is your favorite color/number?  Explain why in a story form if you like to write.

Ok, my favorite color is blue (this exact one!) and my favorite number is 623. I actually don’t know why…it just sounds right!

  • When did you start your blog/website?  What did you think you would do with it mostly at first?

A bit over a year ago. When I started Nancy Drew, it was for all things Nancy Drew, as well as other bookish things. Now it’s more of a personal blog about 49.9% books.

  • Do you like the TV series Transfomers Prime/Robots in Disguise? Why do you like it?  What is something you would change if you could?

No, I’m not really into Transformers 😉

  • Is there a book/cartoon/movie that you have been obsessed with for at least 2 months before?  What was/is it and why did/do you like it?

Hmmmmm….book: I’m reading the Betsy-Tacy books, so those right now. Cartoon: Uhhh, I really like Amazon’s original series! Movie: I don’t know–I really want to see Avatar!

Now, my questions!

  1. Are you a fashion fanatic?
  2. What’s your favorite Olympic sport? Why?
  3. Do you re-read books? How many times?
  4. Are you crafty? What’s the coolest thing you’ve made?
  5. Are you into photography?
  6. Do you have a goal for how many books you read? If so, what is it?
  7. Think of a character and describe her/him.
  8. What’s your favorite animal?
  9. Which is better: Curly hair or straight?
  10. Have you ever held a weapon…used one?

Alright, I nominate the first five commenters!

That was fun, thanks Volcana Shard!






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