Top Five Tuesday…On Wednesday


So sorry about missing yesterday’s post! I’ve been super busy, I’m studying for a test! Yet, I will still give you…my top five movies!

  1. The Lion King
  2. Princess Bride
  3. Ella Enchanted
  4. Enchanted
  5. Monsters Inc.

Those movies are awesome, and so fun! I’m planning a sleepover to watch all of them!

Well, see ya!


42 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday…On Wednesday

  1. CherryCola22-I think that it doesn’t matter who loves who, it matters that they love each other. Man, woman, pineapple-who cares? As they say, love is love. I think Taylor Swift put it perfectly in Welcome to New York. “You can want who you want, boys and boys and girls and girls!” Also, Rachel Vincent, I think that God wants everyone to be happy, no matter who they love. Also, the Bible was written, like, a million years ago. Things have changed from man + woman = happy life.

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    • Thank you for answering. It does matter who you love. Taylor swift put it perfectly that she is for evil. Tell me this Why would God be happy for something he says is an abomination? It doesn’t matter how many years has passed God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. He didn’t change the bible to get with the times. He doesn’t care if some dumb “big” signer is for it. Are you Christian?

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      • I’m sorry a little conversation is you making you feel this way. When you ask a question like that not everyone is going to say it’s perfectly fine.

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      • Because he made people and he designed it to be man sand woman. But didn’t you just say love is love even with a pineapple?


      • Ok, I don’t think loving a pineapple would be an abomination. Just a little unusual. But hey, if it makes them happy… How do you know God meant it to be man and woman? Have you met the guy? Did you ask him yourself? Just because he made Adam and Eve instead of, say, Adam and Jacob, that doesn’t mean he thought homosexuality was wrong. I’m guessing he did that so that Adam and Eve could have children and continue the human race.

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      • If you don’t think loving a pineapple is an abomination you’ve sadly been brainwashed. Read the bible it tells you everything he’s for and is not for. If you have so many questions about God than read the bible he’ll answer all of them. Good luck!


      • You’re one to talk about being sadly brainwashed. You say that God loves everyone, but you hate gay people. And pineapples, apparently. I was Christian, but my family dropped out of the church because we disagreed with the Bible. Homosexuality is not wrong, you are. Good luck in the real world if you can’t even accept the simplest of facts.

        Homosexuality is not wrong.


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      • I never said I hate gay people. I am sad for them they obviously had major problems sometime in there life to think this way. Good luck to you also. Maybe one day God will give you ears to here his truth.


      • I am sad that you truly think homosexuality is wrong. I hope you face reality someday and stop being a homophobic prat. #britishinsults Gay people are a lot nicer than you, hiding behind a screen refusing to face the truth. I have ears enough to sense a genuinely rude person like you. Have a terrible, I mean, uh, nice life!

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    • Izzy, not to go into a long explanation, but the Bible doesn’t change. No (fake) religion “changes”. The Bible may not have been written in 2017, but neither were Shakespeare’s plays. Neither were lots of books. Books don’t have to be up to date to be true.

      God IS NOT a joke. God is omnipotent-all knowing-and knows more than the smartest person ever.

      I’m sorry your family disagrees with the church. There are many types, and some teach different things. May I ask which church you went to, or at least what type (Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, etc.) ?

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