Authors Press 2.0


I finally finished Authors Press 2.0! It actually goes by Authors Press, though. Oh, wait. You guys don’t know what I’m talking about!

A bit o’ background: I decided to re-create Authors Press. Yet, now it’s now about publishing. It’s about publicity. I have people apply to become authors on the site, and, if they get admitted, they’ll be added as an author on Authors Press! They’ll get to write on the site! I’m super excited!

So, you may be thinking (wooaaahhhh) this name sounds familiar! Yup, I used to have a blog about getting published…before I was published. Yeah…failed with that. I deleted it, of course. I can’t find the post, though, hmmm.

Anywho, maybe you’ll become an author! Well, bye for now! Just kidding! Here’s the link: Authors Press (



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