Who Will I Be Writing With

🙂 So excited 🙂

So so so so very excited. I promise this was random, I  clicked it once. Promise. In fact, here’s the link: http://www.miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/

I had so many awesome aply-ees, they said amazing stuff! The random name picker chose it by chance!

Okay, did you see who won? If not, I’ll tell you who my “employer” is 😉
















VOLCANA SHARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you won! Tell me if you want to do it over email or through a private blog! It’s okay if you don’t work on it all the time, that’s fine! I really think it’s best to not write all day every day, the more time you have to think of what comes next, instead of pressuring yourself!
Can not wait to write!





I have some news. But I made a graphic (cause I do that now!) to tell you.







so, yeah. Ha…

I know that some people (Izzy and Cupcakegirl10) are writing a book together, and no, I’m not stealing their idea, they just encouraged me to ask. I’ve wanted to do it for a super long time, but the person I asked was too busy 😦   .  I’m going to give my resum’e 😉 🙂 .

Rachel Vincent

Address/Phone Number/Email





Experience Highlight

Wrote a book that was published

Wrote a short story

Finishing a short story (I have around 1,000 words left on the Riley story!)

Working on two books

I’m told I’m good with kids, they are people 😉

“Employment” History

Wrote Ellie Horse Girl at Heart


I’m in school, ha 😉


Ta-da! Here are my (reading/writing) favorite genres, but I can always try something new!

Fiction-Fantasy, Modern fiction, etc.


My favorite tenses:

Past (she jumped, she said)
Present(she jumps, she says)

Past is the usual in books, but present is also used!

Okay, when you apply:
I’ll enter all names in the “random name picker” and that’s who I’ll write with.

Ill announce said person in a post and they will comment if they want to do it over email or another way I know of (a private website)

Thanks, please comment if you want to write with me!


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Yes, yes, yes! I’m reviewing a book! By J. K. Rowling, everyone’s favorite author. Well, okay, sort of…not really.

Alright! Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them (FBWTFT) is a great book. It’s a screenplay, which means it’s written in the form of a movie or play script. It’s a bit weird at first, but soon you get it: italics is the narration (kinda) and when names are capitalized that’s who’s talking. It’s really cool, and it helps you really imagine the scene.

The characters (Newt, Jacob, Tina, Queenie (main) )are really awesome and well developed. They each have an obvious personality and you can tell when they will be scared or brave, and they surprise you as well! They are super interesting and a lot of them say funny stuff and are really compassionate, they can also be overtaken by peer pressure.

The plot is a bit confusing at first, I have to say. FBWTFT has two plots, sort of.  The first one is finding the beast which escape, hence the name. The animals are super weird and creatively created 🙂 . Mrs. Rowling did a great job with them, I think, and there are loosely drawn pictures (if you get me 😉 ) of the animals. The second plot is stopping the Obscurous. I think that’s how you spell it, ha. Since I haven’t finished the Harry Potter series it was a bit confusing, though, but I was able to understand it; Big black mass that gets into people and takes them over…that’s my take on the whole Obscurous.

My overall thought on FBWTFT is positive. I suggest the book for ages 10+, maybe a bit older because of the hard-to-follow-plot and content. Two or three times there is usage of “what the h—“. Other than that it is clean, except for some flirting and Queenie wearing a slip. I think the book is good and well written. Great job, J. K. Rowling.

I also began To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I’m very excited, I’m pretty sure it has some weighty concepts. Other than it having a bad word in the first few pages (ughh) it seems good!

Hope you enjoyed!


Starting and Finishing Stories


Okay, so you probably know about my story, known as the Riley Story or The Unnamed Story 😉 ! I decided to title it Riley, and I made a cover! Thanks to Canva for the picture and PicMonkey for the filters, I was able to add a moon and sun and erase part of them so it looked like they were both going up/down! I’m also working on it A LOT!

Alright, the cover page:

Ta-da! I was going to use a picture of actress Elle Fanning, but it wasn’t free to use and share commercially 🙂 !

You can read the two parts on the blog on these posts (I think) or post.

I also started another short story called Skye and the Mystery of the Missing Flower


Ta-da again! This one was fun to make, and the font Emily’s Candy was perfect!

Here’s what I’ve written so far!




I really don’t like summer. Now I know what you’re thinking: how could somebody not like summer? The thing is: every summer I have to away to Camp Starfall. For six entire weeks. Don’t get me wrong-I love Camp Starfall and all, especially ‘cause I don’t always have to look perfect, but this year I’m going to be a counselor. Last year I had to be a CIT-counselor in training-so it wasn’t a lot of fun either. I’m not really a little kid kind of girl.

The worst thing about going away to summer camp is leaving your friends. You know that feeling, right? Like when your friend breaks their leg and can’t play. But I can’t even go over to her house like I’d be able to if she’d broken her leg.  Anyway, I always have to leave my best friend forever back here in Charleston, South Carolina. I know that Hampton is just a hop and a skip away, but it’s not like going across the street to your best friend’s house. In fact, around Camp Starfall there is no house. There’s a small village, but that’s at least twenty miles away.So like I was saying, I’m not walking to my best friend’s house.

In case you’re wondering, I am not given a choice to go to camp. Our whole family is full of athletes, and we’re all camp champions. Except, of course, for me. I can’t just go and say “Hey, Mom, I’m not going to Camp Starfall this year” or I’d be probably be disowned. Besides, my parents are going on a rock climbing trip in Montana. They, of course, aren’t taking me. They’re taking my college football star older brother and rock climbing junior champion little sister. They aren’t taking a gangly sixteen year old girl who could eat icecream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some donuts in between. Yeah, I’m the sixteen year old girl. I still can’t believe they won’t let me come with, though.

Okay, enough with the pity party. You should probably know a bit about me. Okay, so I’ve played basketball, field and ice hockey, soccer, gymnastics, track, and softball since I was five. That’s eleven years. I also played some football on the side if the school scrapes up enough money to have a girls football team. My favorite sport is probably softball or baseball, with gymnastics as a close second. I actually met my best friend, Gabby, in gymnastics, but more about that later. As you can see, I’m a very sporty person. It’s just my siblings do all that and more. They also excel in school. I’ve never seen a B on their report card, but one on mine is rare.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to my BFF, Gabby Johnson. Gabby is a gymnastics freak. Not a weird kind of freak, but a crazy kind. It doesn’t help the craziness that her first name is the same as a famous gymnast. Anyway, we met at my first gymnastics meet-which was probably her 300th meet,she seemed to know everyone-when we were warming up. She must’ve noticed I was alone, I’m not the most sociable person. She walked up to me and stuck out her hand.

“Hey, I’m Gabby,” she’d said promptly, a wide grin spread on her face.

“Um,” I had began, flustered. “I’m Skye.”

“Nice to meet you. I love your name, I wish I had a pretty name like that, but I like Gabby because it’s the same as another gymnasts, a famous one’s,” she’d said it all in a rush, very excited to meet someone new.

That’s about it. I’d been thinking about this while I was packing my bags for camp. I shut the suitcase, satisfied with my quick work. Then I stop. I’ve forgotten my underwear. Opening the case again, I see the journal Gabby bought me as an early birthday present, next to my Bible. I’m going to write everything down and share it with her.

“Skye, time to go!” my mom yells from downstairs. I throw in a few things from my top drawer-underwear included-into my suitcase and zip it up. I pull on my running shoes-navy blue with white laces-and sprint downstairs. “Love you, Mom,” I say.

“See you, honey,” my mother replies. No “I love you”. I guess I expect it though…right?

I jump into my navy blue camry-also an early b-day present-and put the pedal to the metal. Not literally though, we have a speed limit. I’m happy to notice a card up behind my wheel. The envelope is a bright and cheery yellow. At the next gas station I pull in and snatch the card. A few words are scrawled on the front in a fat My First Marker: For my big sister. It’s from Hadley, my wonderful little sister. Thanks, Hads. I think lovingly of the seven year old. I rip open the card. Inside is a handmade note adorned with colorful stickers and flowers-I think they’re roses-and a quote in the middle: “There are a billion smiles in the world and yours is my favorite” I almost get nostalgic. I smile her favorite smile. I pull out my phone (which obviously has a navy blue case, it’s my favorite color) and shoot my mom a text: Tell Hads thanks for the card and that I miss her! I push send and then take the stick in my car and move it to the “F” for forward. I’m on my way to Camp Starfall.

It’s late when I get to the check in shack at Camp Starfall. Rain is falling hard, dropping to the ground like my spirits. The camp is dark and dreary, not the I-wanna-spend-my-whole-summer-here kind of place at all. The pink shutters on the girls’ cabins are almost white now and the flowers are wilted. Not the highest maintenance around here, I guess.

“Hello, I’m Skye,” I greet the woman at the desk. She’s wearing the camp counselor uniform: a navy blue t-shirt (yes, my favorite!) and black leggings. Even though Camp Starfall encourages carefree clothing choices, they like us to be in style. This brightens my day…or night, I guess.

“Hello, Skye,” the woman says with a welcoming smile. “I’m Carol Mason, Camp Supervisor Assistant, secretary, and fun-lover. It’s nice to meet you! I assume you’re here to be a camp counselor?”

I nod my head and she hands me my uniform. She rifles through a few papers. “Skye, Skye, hm, ah, yes, here! You’re currently staying in cabin eight with a few other girls but you’ll be in cabin four with the Waterlilies during camp. We’re going to work out partners tomorrow, and camp officially begins at the Counselor Gathering night.”

“Alright, great!” I say. I’m very happy to be with the Waterlilies-the older girls-’cause I don’t care for wimps. I’m just saying, who wants to be stuck with whiny crybabies all summer. Not me, that’s for sure!

“Sure thing,” Mrs. Mason…Carol….Mrs. Carol…whatever we’re supposed to call her…replies and then continues her work.

I sprint through the rain to cabin eight, the Roses’ cabin. It’s the largest of them all, except for the Counselor Only Cabin. I slam the door behind me, making a puddle where I stand. I survey my surroundings in dismay. Bunkbeds. We’re going to be sleeping in bunkbeds. Not to mention the peeling paint, tilted pictures, and dirt-encrusted wooden boards. The bunkbeds-again, yuck-look really unsteady.

Three girls are already here-a pretty blonde one, a tall one with a short brown bob, and a girl with black hair- and one gets up to greet me, “I’m Christina!” the pretty blonde, apparently Christina, greets me happily.

“Skye,” I reply, trying to smile in spite of the situation.

“This,” Christina says as she motions to the other girls, “is Marly and Savannah. Savannah’s the long-legged giant,” Christina laughs at her little joke, Savannah, the tall girl with the bob, and Marly join in.

I crack a smile, “Hi, guys!”

“Don’t get too attached to a bunk, we’re playing Uno for them later,” Marly says good-naturedly as she holds up a deck of Uno cards.

“Oh, too bad I’m here then. I’m a master at Uno,” I reply. For once I’m happy that I spent a lot of time playing card games with my grandmother instead of sports.

After a hearty game of Uno (I won and got to pick my bunk first!) we settle in. Another girl, a redhead with freckles named Annie, has joined us. She’s really shy, but once you get to know her she’s really nice. I’ve chosen a top bunk near the window, a nice view of a green forest that I could stare at forever meets my eyes when I look out. I’m starting to see that Camp Starfall might not be that bad after all.


I take it back. I take it all back. I wake up a 4:30 AM. I can’t fall back asleep and my neck aches. I pull a book from my backpack, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J. K. Rowling. I’ve just started the book but I already love it. It’s a screenplay-a book in the form of a movie script-and I think the way it’s written is cool. I read a few pages and am soon on an adventure with Newt and Jacob, the main characters. Soon all the girls are up. Everyone has crazy hair and we quickly pull into into messy buns or ponytails, except for Savannah. I envy her low-maintenance hair.

We make our way to the dining hall. I find another reason to hate camp: we’re having eggs for breakfast. My absolute least  favorite! Oh well, guess I have to suck it up.

The eggs were horrible! Soggy, wet, and yucky. Deee-sguuus-tingggg! I literally did have to suck it up, they must’ve put gallons of water into those eggs. Before I start complaining too much though, I’m off to work. I have to get really settled in and then we do some cleaning up to get ready for the campers. I’m hoping to spruce up the Waterlily cabin. I’ve only peeked in-but wow.

“Alright, girls,” Mrs. Carol-that’s what I decided to call her-call through a megaphone. “It’s cleanup time. Go to your cabin. There you will meet your counselor-in-training; otherwise known as a CIT. Go, go, go!” She extends her hands out in excitement and everyone runs to their cabin.

I burst into my cabin. Inside stands Christina! I’m so excited, as well as surprised because I hadn’t known Christina was a CIT-she’s tall for her age, I guess. We embrace.

“Awesome! I’m so excited that you’re going to be my CIT! We had lots of fun last night, this is going to be amazing!” I say. I’m almost as excited as Christina.

“Call me Christy, all my friends do. We’ll be friends, right? Of course we will! Oh, Skye, I’m so excited! This summer will be a blast! We’re going to have so much fun with our campers!” she’s so excited that she is jumping up and down and her words run together. “Iwonderwhattheirnameswillbeandall-Ibettheywillhaveprettynames-andwewillhavelotsafun!” she exclaims

“Calm down, Christy! Yes, I agree. Let’s clean up first though!” I look around at the cabin. It’s kind of damp. Not wet damp but boring damp.

“Any ideas?  I’m sure you have lots of ideas, you seem really smart, I mean, you won Uno yesterday so-,” before Christy can finish I stop her.

“Christy! I think we should repaint. Maybe fix the bunkbeds up a bit. You any good with tools? How about sewing? This bedding is driving me up a wall! I’m kind of a fashionista-when I want to be-and a design freak, ha. You have any ideas, Christy?” I spit out the things I’ve been thinking of and wait eagerly for her reply.

“That sounds A-MAZ-ING! Maybe we could decorate the picture frames or something like that. And maybe we could let the girls decorate their bunk place? What do you think?”

“I love it. Let’s get to work. Any paint color ideas?”

We end up painting the walls-after getting permission, of course-a sky blue. We fix up the flower boxes outside-paint them white, replant some flowers, and secure them a bit more to the walls-and make a sign for the door that says Waterlilies in flourish-y letters with said flowers. The cabin already looks better. Christy is very handy with a sewing machine and we borrow one from Mrs. Carol; she thinks it’s a great idea. Christy sews twelve sheets-six bunkbeds-in no time. I guess it’s an understatement to say she’s handy. She is a master! The fabric we use is really soft; the pattern is a whole bunch of waterlilies on a baby blue background. The comforters we use are satiny blue, the same shade as the sheets. I’m satisfied with the results. The girls will be bringing their own pillows and we’ve planned a pillow-decorating-then-pillow-fight-party night. I’m super excited.

When we’re done we go to the dining hall for lunch. I love tuna sandwiches and that’s on the menu. We sit down at a table and all chat about our progress on cabin decoration. Everyone seems to have had good ideas.


After lunch, Marly, Francesca, Christy, and I check out each other’s cabins. Francesca and her CIT, Ellie, have made a real improvement in the Rose cabin. They put up curtains which add a real flair to the room. They also worked a bit on the bunk beds. Marly and her CIT, Sarah, have done a lot to their cabin, Orchid. They fixed up the bookshelves and dusted, as well as repainting in a light yellow. We look at the other cabins too, the other girls have gotten super creative as well!



      That’s all I have going on…kind of sort of no not really. Ha, but I can’t share with you my new idea for a book, it’s is PRECIOUS! 🙂 I love it, and I’m thinking of getting it published!

Tell me your likes and dislikes and editing thoughts, too!



The Prettiest Pen Writing Contest (Prompt #1)

Hello everyone!

Round one, part one.

The ND blog’s newest contest, The Prettiest Pen Writing Contest, is a wonderful sensation in the wordpress blogosphere. Not. Turns out I only had…5…people sign up. I can count that on ONE hand. One, people *queues sad music*. Okay, that means signups are STILL OPEN. Lemme repeat that.

Signing up is still an option! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Okay, lemme move on! The teams (and the people who are on them. Let me remind you, there are FIVE!!!







Mary Louise




Volcana Shard


Thanks Canva for providing these awesome animals and your amazing graphic design website!

Now, the rules!

If You Want To Enter

  • Comment below and tell me two teams you’d like to be on. I can’t promise that you’ll be on one of them, but I’ll do my best.
  • Tell me whether you will be using a blog or not. If you will be, then please comment with the address of the blog you will be posting your entries on.


  1. Look for the prompts to be posted, along with what team you are on. You can enter until March 22nd, giving you approximately 10 days to enter. On March 23rd I will post the first prompts.
  2. When that post is posted, you will have four to five days (depending on whether or not I can post the next category on time 🙂 ) to write something with the EXACT WORDS from the prompts included.
  3. Post your story if you have a WordPress blog, and it would be really, really nice if you could comment on the post with the link to your post, thanks. If you don’t have a blog, you can use the email-free way that will be provided on the next TPPWC post!
  4. When the time is up, I will post the next category, with the points for each team, as well as my favorite story. There will be ten posts, with a total of 30 prompts-three prompts per post-and you can get extra points for how many prompts you do!
  5. If you don’t do it, your name will be in red, if you did, blue!

Alright, as I said, you can get extra points by doing more than one prompt. You must do at least one prompt to get points for your team.

OKAY, How will points by given out? I’ll tell ya! (and I actually made these up!)

  • Like I said, extra points for extra stories!
  • Don’t steal stories, you will be disqualified!
  • Quality of stories-the better the story, like when I can see you worked on it hard, the more points!
  • Grammar-it really counts! If there is bad grammar than points will be taken off. The top points you can get is 15, 17 including the extra prompts!!
  • Creativity! How unique your story is, like if you write a story totally different than everyone else’s!


Okay, are you ready for the first prompts?

Prompt #1


I just love the dress (and she’s really pretty, too!). I actually made the prompt, and wrote it, too! Thanks again, Canva!

I found this picture on another wordpress blog, https://encircletheworld.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/when-in-doubt-wear-red-fashion-and-art-united-from-alexander-mcqueen-to-jimmy-lawlar-a-tribute-to-the-red-dress/deviantart-red-dress-favim-3/



Sorry it’s blurry. I got this from…no way, another WordPress blog! https://visualwritingprompts.wordpress.com/page/4/


Okay, everyone! Get writing, signing up, and…other stuff! The deadline is the 34th~ Just kidding, it’s April 3,2017!

Get writing,









Thank You!


I want to write a post for a lot of reasons. 1. I just hit 1,000 likes. Like wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. and another wow. People really must like me 😉 ! 2. I got a lot of great feedback on the last post. I heard a lot of people getting bored of Top Five Tuesdays, so I’m taking Izzypopcorn’s suggestion of doing those the first Tuesday of each month, sound good? 3. Lots of people want more of my writing, and I am unbelievably thankful for there love and support!!!! 4. I hit 60 followers. Wow. Wow. and a bazillion other wows! Thanks for so many followers. I am over halfway to 100. Woah, that’s is amazing. I am going to do something for the 100 follower day…hmmm…I’ll have to think about that. 5. I’m going to do more book and ND related posts, yay! I’m so excited. I  kinda jumped off the ND train for a bit, sorry! I needed a break, don’t we all?

Hey…five reasons…on a Tuesday…this was accidentally a Top Five Tuesday! Wowza!

Side note: for some reason I can’t get to my new followers, so if all of the people (who are following me) and I haven’t followed back could comment on this (or any) post, that’d be great, than I can follow you!

Thanks to everyone!


What’s It’s Like Being The Blogger

Hi there!

Okay, I’m going to confess. But not in this sentence. Maybe a different one 🙂 !

Okay, new sentence. So, what’s it like being the blogger. The not-so-popular-not-always-a-little-orange-dot-saying-that-there-is-a-new-notification-or- comment-or follow blogger. Wow. Yeah….anyway. I’ve been looking at some blogs lately, mainly Grace’s and Madi’s. I really love their design. I love mine, too, but everyone else’s looks so sophisticated, nice, and cute. There posts are amazing too-they’re long, well-edited, and have lotsa comments (and likes)-and great to read. I don’t mean to be jealous (but over 100 followers!!! I wish ;(  )or whiny, really.  I also love how Madi shares the Gospel through her blog.

I am SUPER SUPER SUPER thankful for all my followers, likes, and comments!

Really, I am. I love blogging, too! But is anyone else getting a bit bored with Top Five Tuesdays? I am :/ . Everyone loves everyone else’s posts, and maybe I’m just going through a hard time, but I barely ever open the computer to new notifications. It makes me kind of sad, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE replying to new comments.

I need to keep working on my writing, too. I know lots of people liked the Riley story I started. I just find it hard to find time, which might be a problem. Alright, lastly: comment. I want everything. Honest-ness, please. I don’t want “Oh, you’re amazing and I can’t think of anything to change!!!!!!!!!!!” Because there has to be something. Don’t lie, please! I want help, and I can’t do that without knowing what I’m doing wrong. If there is something you hate, tell me. If there is something you want more of, tell me. If you want me to quit blogging, too bad. I love it. I really need feedback. If you guys want to help me, too, that’d be great, like with a sign-off or something.

Sorry about the ranting. I just wanted to get it out!