My Techy Schedule

Woa, techy, cool!

Hello, everyone! Oh, hey, notification! Thanks,Trev and Jess, for the follow! I’m almost at 60! Checkpoint!

Anyway, onto the post! I’m going to tell you what I do when I get on the computer, before I watch something.

  1. Check my gmail…that’s where my friends can email me!
  2. Go to my blog (this one!) and see if I have any notifications (if I do, I reply!)
  3. Check my other email, which is for stuff like Authors Press , and junk. Not, Authors Press is NOT junk 😉 !
  4. Look up stuff, like right now I’m researching video chat on gmail…and how drafting works 🙂 !
  5. Look at my reader…I’m following like 50 blogs now. Not kidding. I follow my followers ❤
  6. Do a bit of graphic design if I want!

That’s about it! After all that, I am able to do stuff like watch TV. I of course do like my posts and BIBPC entries, but that’s not important.

I decided to skip Top Five Tuesdays ’cause I’m a bit busy, sorry!





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