What’s It’s Like Being The Blogger

Hi there!

Okay, I’m going to confess. But not in this sentence. Maybe a different one 🙂 !

Okay, new sentence. So, what’s it like being the blogger. The not-so-popular-not-always-a-little-orange-dot-saying-that-there-is-a-new-notification-or- comment-or follow blogger. Wow. Yeah….anyway. I’ve been looking at some blogs lately, mainly Grace’s and Madi’s. I really love their design. I love mine, too, but everyone else’s looks so sophisticated, nice, and cute. There posts are amazing too-they’re long, well-edited, and have lotsa comments (and likes)-and great to read. I don’t mean to be jealous (but over 100 followers!!! I wish ;(  )or whiny, really.  I also love how Madi shares the Gospel through her blog.

I am SUPER SUPER SUPER thankful for all my followers, likes, and comments!

Really, I am. I love blogging, too! But is anyone else getting a bit bored with Top Five Tuesdays? I am :/ . Everyone loves everyone else’s posts, and maybe I’m just going through a hard time, but I barely ever open the computer to new notifications. It makes me kind of sad, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE replying to new comments.

I need to keep working on my writing, too. I know lots of people liked the Riley story I started. I just find it hard to find time, which might be a problem. Alright, lastly: comment. I want everything. Honest-ness, please. I don’t want “Oh, you’re amazing and I can’t think of anything to change!!!!!!!!!!!” Because there has to be something. Don’t lie, please! I want help, and I can’t do that without knowing what I’m doing wrong. If there is something you hate, tell me. If there is something you want more of, tell me. If you want me to quit blogging, too bad. I love it. I really need feedback. If you guys want to help me, too, that’d be great, like with a sign-off or something.

Sorry about the ranting. I just wanted to get it out!



10 thoughts on “What’s It’s Like Being The Blogger

  1. Hmm, well, I honestly really do love your blog. That’s the truth! But I would like it if you had more stuff about books and Nancy Drew on your blog, since this is the Nancy Drew blog. Also, if you had more writing. I love your writing! And yeah, Top Five Tuesdays are getting a little old. Maybe if you only did it on the first Tuesday of every month? That would be more fun. I’ll try to comment more because I really do love your blog! Have a wonderful day.


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  2. It is amazing that you want to improve your blog and I wonder the same thing too. I don’t know if there is a particular way to improve. If you want to post Top Tuesdays post them, but I do think they seem to be getting a little old. Maybe instead of just posting them on a schedule when you come up with a good top five post then you post it. A big tip I have is don’t post if you don’t have time. It isn’t worth rushing through to write a post or stressing out about posting one when it isn’t great quality. You could make your posts longer by adding pictures. I think a big thing to getting more followers is figuring out what you love blogging about and cater your blog to that. For me, I like how-to posts and posting about my faith. People follow blogs about certain topics once you have a topic and you post generally most posts about that topic people will read (at least that’s my unprofessional guess). This doesn’t mean you can’t post whatever you want. These are all just my ideas in a word blurp for you. I love your blog! Keep up the good work 🙂

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  3. Personally, I really like your blog. I like the jokes that you always put in on every post (even this one!) and I’m always really excited when I see you’ve made a new post. There is only one thing I would change and I think you will agree with me. Look at the lower part of your sidebar you will see that there are several pictures that are way too far off the side. Other than that I really don’t have a problem with anything else. The posts could be a little longer (like you said in your post here) but it’s not your style of writing. You can pack so much interesting things in just a little sentence, that is your kind of writing, the kind of writing you have been doing for a while, the kind of writing God put inside you so you can spread His light through it.

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