I have some news. But I made a graphic (cause I do that now!) to tell you.







so, yeah. Ha…

I know that some people (Izzy and Cupcakegirl10) are writing a book together, and no, I’m not stealing their idea, they just encouraged me to ask. I’ve wanted to do it for a super long time, but the person I asked was too busy 😦   .  I’m going to give my resum’e 😉 🙂 .

Rachel Vincent

Address/Phone Number/Email





Experience Highlight

Wrote a book that was published

Wrote a short story

Finishing a short story (I have around 1,000 words left on the Riley story!)

Working on two books

I’m told I’m good with kids, they are people 😉

“Employment” History

Wrote Ellie Horse Girl at Heart


I’m in school, ha 😉


Ta-da! Here are my (reading/writing) favorite genres, but I can always try something new!

Fiction-Fantasy, Modern fiction, etc.


My favorite tenses:

Past (she jumped, she said)
Present(she jumps, she says)

Past is the usual in books, but present is also used!

Okay, when you apply:
I’ll enter all names in the “random name picker” and that’s who I’ll write with.

Ill announce said person in a post and they will comment if they want to do it over email or another way I know of (a private website)

Thanks, please comment if you want to write with me!



14 thoughts on “Announcement…ish

  1. I’d love to write with you, Rachel!
    I might not be able to put as much time into it as, let’s say, Izzy, so I understand if you’d like to choose someone else. And if you do, I’ll be sure to read it once you and whomever you picked are done!

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  2. Good for you! Just make sure you and your writing partner have similar ideas for not only plot and character arc, but things like the kind of humor, the kind of drama, what books you admire. Some of those things you don’t think about until you’re thinking something is melodramatic and they’re thinking it’s simply dramatic, or one of you is going for dry wit and the other is going for slapstick.

    Good luck! The Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child writing duo had produced some of the most fun books on my shelf!

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