Calling All ND Blog Lovers!

Hey there!


It’s time for you, my faithful-lest followers, to once again come to my aid. I need your help. So, as you (may) know, I’ve been trying to think of personal blog names. I can think of bazillions for other people, but not me, darn it. :/  So, your help will be needed.

If you like me, you can do this:

  1. Comment as many blog names as you think fit me (I will be sharing my writings on there!)
  2. *Optional* Taglines that go with your suggested names.
  3. Blog themes. I can never find a good one. If you’d take a bit of time to look through (free) themes that you like, that is great.


(woah, I never use these!) Okay, so I know some of my followers are feeling like this right now. Awesome, bring it on. Do. Not. Hold. Back. At. All. Do remember: no bad words. AT ALL. EVAH. NADA. ZIP. NO.

Okaay, once I have…5-10 of my favorite names, I’ll put it on a poll for vote!




13 thoughts on “Calling All ND Blog Lovers!

  1. Hmm… How ’bout something like “the magical moments of Me”, the “girl with a messy bun” or…”the writing writerly writer” I don’t know, I’m pretty bad at this! My mom came up with my blog name for Redheadwithabook. 😛

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  2. Oh, and I LOVE the Sela theme, the Button theme, and I’m using Truly Minimal for my blog, and I love that one because you can basically do WHATEVER the heck you want with it. Hope this helps!


  3. How about if you are going to share your writings, a more classy, sophisticated blog theme. I’m not sure what one that would be, though. For a name: Rachel’s Writings, ND’s Scribbles, The Talent I Share (and the tagline could be: Sharing my love of writing with the world). I’ll let you know if I think of some more! Hope this helps! ❤

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