Calling All ND Blog Lovers!

Hey there!


It’s time for you, my faithful-lest followers, to once again come to my aid. I need your help. So, as you (may) know, I’ve been trying to think of personal blog names. I can think of bazillions for other people, but not me, darn it. :/  So, your help will be needed.

If you like me, you can do this:

  1. Comment as many blog names as you think fit me (I will be sharing my writings on there!)
  2. *Optional* Taglines that go with your suggested names.
  3. Blog themes. I can never find a good one. If you’d take a bit of time to look through (free) themes that you like, that is great.


(woah, I never use these!) Okay, so I know some of my followers are feeling like this right now. Awesome, bring it on. Do. Not. Hold. Back. At. All. Do remember: no bad words. AT ALL. EVAH. NADA. ZIP. NO.

Okaay, once I have…5-10 of my favorite names, I’ll put it on a poll for vote!




13 thoughts on “Calling All ND Blog Lovers!

  1. Hmm… How ’bout something like “the magical moments of Me”, the “girl with a messy bun” or…”the writing writerly writer” I don’t know, I’m pretty bad at this! My mom came up with my blog name for Redheadwithabook. 😛

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  2. Oh, and I LOVE the Sela theme, the Button theme, and I’m using Truly Minimal for my blog, and I love that one because you can basically do WHATEVER the heck you want with it. Hope this helps!


  3. What about ‘My writing journal’ or ‘My enchanting writings’ the tag line could be: Writings from a writer or all about words!
    For themes: Dara, Sela, Button, Adelle,


  4. How about if you are going to share your writings, a more classy, sophisticated blog theme. I’m not sure what one that would be, though. For a name: Rachel’s Writings, ND’s Scribbles, The Talent I Share (and the tagline could be: Sharing my love of writing with the world). I’ll let you know if I think of some more! Hope this helps! ❤

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