Hey there!

Shout-out to Sara @Between the Pages (wooah, she has a .Com blog. Cool!) For being my ultimate music twin and newest follower! As well as Lizard for being my 2nd newest follower and being a fellow animal jammer. I don’t animal jam anymore, but I did!

     As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit inactive on Nancy Drew. Well, there are (or is, I never can tell #grammarproblems) two main reasons. *Long pause* oh, you want to know what they are *that’s a new one* just kidding!

Reason #1: I’ve been working (on the railroad…) On a new blog. Yes. I know I said I’d bring it to you and ask you guys, but one individual suggested the chosen name, and I loved it so much! I came up with my tagline: Worshiping. Writing. Wondering. Tada!! I’m so excited! The person who chose the correct name will be the first person to see the finished (draft) of Riley, my short story that everyone loves! At least that’s what they said…😕. Anyway, when the person confirms that they’ve read it, I’ll make it a public post for all, and share it on Nancy Drew, Authors Press, and said blog⬆⬆⬆. I will unveil the winner….On….Easter…Aka tomorrow! Oh, and I’m working on another short story that hopefully will be interesting!

Reason #2: My computer (well, it’s the family computer…) Has been super wonky lately. Like the pages show up all funny and it keeps logging me out of WordPress even if I pick “keep me signed in”. Ugh, grr, anger. Anywho, I went to desperate measures: downloading the WordPress app. Yikes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great app…But guess what: I did have the app before *shivers, and no, it’s not cold in here* it resulted in baaaadddd stuff 😱. First: a post overload. Too many posts, too little quality. 2nd: I became addicted. I’m not kidding, I spent so much time on this app, and nuttin’ else. Ugh, her, anger, annoyance. I’ve resolved not to do that this time. Yeah. Uhhh huh. 

Those are the main two reasons, and with school, music (I downloaded Spotify *😍* on my computer, yaazaayyy!), and writing I’ve been busy! Sorry!

Rachel (the app won’t let me use my signoff *uuuuuggggghhhhh!*



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