My Pet Peeves

1. I hate audiobook music. I mean, they’re audio books not audio creepy music that keeps me awake or wakes me up. I mean, yikes! And no thanks on the sound effects. Seriously, I’m not falling  a asleep to the sound  I of a creaky step. Really people? Would you please just stop this. Is anyone else going to join me in this fight?

2. American Girl books. I’m sorry but I HATE hearing about feelings. All this sentimental stuff is boring. 

3. The words Pet Peeves. I’m mean, I’m not petting my peeves. And what kind of word is peeve?? It sounds like a sinful vegetable. Ew.

4. People who think I/others are immature. I hate it! I mean, please, you guys were like this too, no need to pretend you weren’t. Ugh.

5. People who procastinate. I’m not usually a procrastinator, so I can talk. I mean, like Nike says: just do it. It’s not amazingly hard! 

6. The fourth grader who threw a basketball at my head and hit me. I’m okay though. I am wondering which of my three heads he hit. And why everyone has more fingers than usual πŸ˜•.

Just kidding! And look, the app lets me use my Signature. Hooradiddydo! I’m off to read The Mysterious Benedict Society !! So excited! Anybody read it?


33 thoughts on “My Pet Peeves

  1. I’ve never had the problem where people say I act immature, people always call me very mature. πŸ™‚
    Peeves is actually the name of a Harry Potter character, he’s really weird. I actually just started reading the MBS, but I only read the first few pages and decided Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was more interesting but to each their own interest.

    So, Rachel, how ya doing?

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  2. I love your blog! I’m reading the Nancy Drew books and I love them! Here are my pet peeves:
    1. People who brag/show off/tease people when they’re not as good
    2. People who care too much about their looks and are extremely uncaring
    3. People who just barge in in the middle of a conversation
    4. People who make really rude jokes and think that they are actually funny!
    5. People who are WAAAAAY too dramatic and extremely loud
    Unfortunately I have encountered every single one of these people!



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