Say Whaaa?!?


So you probably already know by the cheesy title. Yeah, I hit a checkpoint in follower-ing-people-stuff. 80 followers. Unreal! I hit 70*pauses and thinks* six days ago. That’s about two per day!!This is 20 away from 100, people. 1-0-0. Gosh, that’s close! Can anyone give me ideas for 100 follower things, other than giveaways?

     I am probably following around 85% of my followers. The other 15% I’m not following for a reason. They are: (1)I don’t read their stuff. I was following a great blog…For other people. I wasn’t needing advice or anything, and they were posting like this, so I followed. (2) They use bad words. Umm, no thanks. (3) They post about bad things. I have someone following me who blogs about their support of gay. They write about it. I Think homosexuality is wrong, so I didn’t follow. 

Is this okay? Is it okay not to follow these people? I think yes. I have a right to what comes up in my reader. I read my people’s posts, so I shouldn’t have to see bad words every time I open reader.

Thank you for your undying support and love! I can’t believe I got to 80!! In such short a time too! I wonder what’ll happen at 90…

And today is Earth Day, a sorta holiday. I actually didn’t remember till I saw everyone’s nice posts!

Happy Earth Day!


21 thoughts on “Say Whaaa?!?

    • Maybe? Right now I just think it’s a good idea to do a couple reblogs, link to posts (because they make pingback-thingies), leave some nice comments and most importantly have good content… Which you have anyway. 😉 And also I figured that changing blog designs from time to time works… Sort of…

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  1. Congrats! I agree you have a right to follow who you want! I don’t support it either🙂 Umm, ideas……..Q&A, Giveaway, Change of theme, a post dedicated to getting to know your followers since without them you wouldn’t be celebrating, a quiz, a game of some sort, a photo shoot, and that’s all that comes to my head😜

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  2. Why is homosexuality wrong? Personally I think that you should be able to love whoever you want, no matter the gender. If you don’t like that I support homosexuality then don’t follow me. Your choice.



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