The Prettiest Pens Writing Contest

Time for the last round  of pain…PosterHooray…hehehe…yeah.

No new sign ups. That is okay…yeah, uh-huh. Just fantastic.

Signing up is still an option! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Okay, lemme move on! The teams (and the people who are on them. Let me remind you, there are FIVE!!! Still FIVE FIVE FIVE!!!







Mary Louise (no)

Cupcakegirl10 (no)

Izzypopcorn (no)

Points: 34


Volcana Shard (no)

Samanthadolls (no)

Points: 10

Thanks Canva for providing these awesome animals and your amazing graphic design website!

*deflated* Wooo-hoooo. Party. Last round, okay. The three prompts are:


The sun glared in my eyes, bright and cheery. But when shadow hid its rays, he stood there.


The island was dark and foreboding. Everyone said it was abandoned. But I knew otherwise.

She jumped in the car and they drove to the end of the earth.


Deadline: May 9th.




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