The Week of 100 Followers: Day One


Hello, and welcome to the first installment of The Week of 100 Followers, hosted by moi!

For the first day, I will be sharing post writing and reading advice!

     Posting has been really fun, but it can also be a bit stressful. I know this from experience. Here are a few tips for posting:

  • Don’t post a bazillion times, all day, every day. You’ll start to have sloppier posts with things that people don’t really want to read. I did this, and let me tell you, it’s a bad decision.
  • Don’t like your own posts. It’s a bit strange…you like what you wrote.
  • Don’t use texting lingo in posts. No “BTW” or “BRB” . The occasional “LOL” is okay in comments, but not all da time.
  • Try to use some grammar.
  • Try using graphics. They don’t have to be yours (if they aren’t give credit to the owners!) but that always makes your posts more personalized, people can’t really replicate them.
  • Signatures are great, people don’t enjoy when you end the post with a grey word.


That was a bit short, but I hoped it helped. If you have any other advice, comment it and I’ll share it!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!




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