Week of 100 Followers: Day Four


Welcome back to the WOOF! Cool acronym, right? Anywho, today I’m gonna be giving some insite on commenting-replying and writing.

Here are some DO’s and DON’T’s of commenting:

  • DON’T write mean things-your blog stinks, your blog is ugly, you seriously post this, etc.-that’s just…mean.
  • DO write encouraging notes-love your post and blog, I love following your blog, you just have a way with words, etc.-are awesome and encouraging. I love getting comments like this!
  • DON’T use bad words-at least on my blog, swearing is a no-no.
  • DO use a bit of texting lingo, but DON’T use a lot. It makes me feel happy when somebody is comfortable enough and thinks I’m social enough to use texting lingo-LOL, U R Cool, adorbs (I mean, who doesn’t want there blog called adorbs?) , BRB, etc.-are familiar, usable lingos, rightsies? Ugghh I just made a fool of myself.
  • DO inquire about people-their favorite book, how they’re doing, what they ate for lunch (no, jk 😉 )-but not too much. This isn’t emailing, people. It could be…but it isn’t.
  • DON’T use somebody’s blog as a conversation place. Don’t have an unrelative conversation on somebody’s nice, spam-less blog.

That’s about it! There are other guidelines, but these are the basics! I hope they helped and put you back in line 😉 😉 .



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