The Week of 100 Followers: Day Six


One more post after this. Wow. I have to think of something for tommorow-aka the last day-but that’s not today. Today is Sinco Demiyo. Man I ruined the spelling. Anyway. Oh, Random Name Picker chose Rebcake to do the collab with me. So, could Rebcake please contact me via the contact form on the About page? Thanks!

Today I am going to give you something special. It is:the chance for input. I know, not amazing, but it’s something.

For input, tell me what I’m doing wrong(or right) on Nancy Drew. Yes, of course be honest. Yes, of course be forthcoming. Please! I really want to make this blog better!


4 thoughts on “The Week of 100 Followers: Day Six

  1. Umm, I read this on the email thing and it said different words then it did here. You should seriously check that out. The email said some of you’re favorite books, this one dosen’t. Did you edit it?

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