The Describe the Days of the Week Tag!

One tag down (ish) and two to go! I’m excited for this one! I was nominated by the fantastic Mirra @A Young Writer’s Dream. Check out her blog! Basically what I do is describe the days of the week like people!


She’s a girl with pale skin and dark hair. She has shiny black hair and stormy blue eyes. She is a bit scatterbrained and always losing things. She isn’t very popular.


Tuesday is a brunette. Her eyes are a kind green and she’s very helpful. She encourages people to get through anything. She isn’t beautiful, but she has a kind spirit.


Wednesday is a strange girl. She has lots of friends but always has her nose in a book. She’s very smart and a teacher’s pet.


Thursday is a great person. She is generous and, like Tuesday, is encouraging. She has red hair and is spunky.


Friday is a great person. She is popular and everyone loves her. She’s pretty. She is very tall and a bit chubby.


Saturday is the best person and is destined to be president. She is the most popular girl in school. She’s skinny, tall, blonde, and has bright blue eyes. She’s creative and fun.


Sunday is a quiet girl. She’s pretty and very nice. She helps everyone relax and take deep breaths. She’s very religious.

I nominate:



Mary Louise



*There wasn’t a specific number*



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