Rachel’s Radical Return + The Unveiling

I’mmmmmmmm hoooooooooooommee!

I’ve returned to stay, hopefully for a long time. A VERY long time. Are you excited? Are you? Are you? I’m excited!

It’s time for my radical return (see what I did with the alliteration). You see, you see (I’m becoming a dog, great). But really. I have been gone for over a weekish, yikes. I promised, too, that I would post on Sunday…I think. Guys, get ready for some ultimate piggy power!

BTW, that was an AMAZING movie, guys, you have to see it! Okay, guys. Get ready for some cray-cray news.

1. I’m Making Divider Graphics!

You do know what those are, right? Some people use them a lot so I’ve decided to conform to the ways of the blogosphere. (Not the world, mind you) . So really divider graphics are graphics you use to divide the different subjects of your blog in a post. They are usually something simple like an array of flowers or something. I’m still thinking about what mine will be!

2. I’m Making a New Signature

I never really loved my signature, so I’ll be making a new one somewhat soon. I’ll be using my current one for now, but you must await for my new signature. My blog is turning graphi-y guys. Real graphic-y.

3. I’ll Be Hosting a Little Project Thingamabob

YAY! Note, this is NOT a contest. Ha, noooo. I’ve had few experiences with that. Few but horrible. Like WWII. Okay, not that bad but still, it was bad. I am not telling you about this, but it’s kinda a bloggy personal thingy. 🙂 I’ll be making a graphic (um, duh, that’s expected of you now, Rachel) But seriously, I’m so excited.

4. I Am ALMOST Done With Riley , My Short Story

I am so proud of my little work. I just need to work on double spacing for periods and other punctuation marks. Yes, I will be sharing it, and probably the cover will be posted on my blog’s sidebar, as well as Messy Buns’. Speaking of which leads me tooooo……

5. The Last, But DEFINITLY Not Least, News

Here we are. Almost at the end of the post. I said something about an unveiling, correct? Correct.

*Ha, yes*

Anyway it is; time. For the unveiling, of<


It’s here. I’m sharing it. No, my beautiful followers, I shall not leave Nancy Drew. This new blog shalleth be my personal blog. (I know, your like “I thought this was her personal blog. She tells us all about her failure of a life on here” but no) No, Nancy Drew isn’t a personal blog. It’s a big chunk of  book blog mashed up with a medium size of writer’s blog mashed up with a tiny portion of random blog. Yeah, that’s it. Messy Bun will be everything I want to say. But now, without further ado, Messy Bun:
Messy Bun-Rachel’s newest blog that you will love *envy* and enjoy for years to come.

Click it guys, click it. Here, if you missed it:


Messy Bun-Rachel’s newest blog that you will love *envy* and enjoy for years to come.

One more try:
Messy Bun-Rachel’s newest blog that you will love *envy* and enjoy for years to come.

Okay, I’ll have mercy: Messy Bun-Rachel’s newest blog that you will love *envy* and enjoy for years to come.

Click it now, guys: Click it please. Click all the links, escpecially this one!!!!

*Srsly guys click da last one I’m so wanting to see ur reaction but I can’t cause u know, like computer and stuff. So yeah.*

Okay, guys, tell me what you think about Messy Bun. Again, a reminder how awesome Samantha is for suggesting that name, you won. You are so awesome!!!

Okay, guys, I’m leaving. But

Shall Return - David Bay | Castle Publishing Ltd - Quality books ...

(Do you guys know that story? Look up “I shall return” , it’s a cool story!



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