Some Awesome Songs to Beat the Heat


I know, I haven’t posted, but to be fair I did try to post this on Thursday, but WiFi, my arch nemesis, was not in my favor. Figures. Anywho, I couldn’t post then.

These are all Christian artists, I believe! I saw Family Force 5 in concert they were AWESOME and CRAY-CRAY!

Family Force 5 ft. LECRAE-Cray Button
Family Force 5 FT. Tedashaii-Chainsaw
Family Force 5-BZRK
Tauren Wells-Love is Action (this is NOT a love song, it was in a DP video!
(LOVE THIS SONG…A MUSSTTT!)NF ft. Fleurie-Mansion
NF-Oh Lord (I love this song since it is so true, listen to the wordsssss!)